Are Qualcomm re-designing the Snapdragon 810 for Samsung?

The Snapdragon 810 processor is the processor to have. The first handset to use the 64-bit processor was the LG G Flex 2 which was announced in CES 2015. Other big brand that were planning on using the 810 were HTC and Samsung but after the recent stories about the processor heating hasn’t kept Samsung interested at all. 

Now this would possibly be the worst news for Qualcomm as not only would the processor be used in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge but Samsung are a huge customer for Qualcomm so it’s said that they are now redesigning the Snapdragon 810 specially for Samsung.

LG have released a statement about the chip saying that this issue is not with the processor but with the design of the phone and that the LG G Flex 2 was designed around that…ouch. Now that’s some bad mouthing about Samsung’s ability to make phones which could easily be dismissed as the quality of Samsung phones is not disputed by many people.

As you may have read from our previous blog about Samsung’s first major chip many think that the tech giant may just be trying to find an excuse to use their Exynos processor but could not find a good reason to leave behind the most wanted processor on the market at the moment. 

I guess we’ll have to sit and wait for Samsung’s statement on the issue and see whether or not they’ll use the chip. Personally I think they should and then also release a series with their Exynos chip to show people that it’s good and could possibly replace the Snapdragon but we’ll have to see how confident Samsung are about their processor.


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