iWatch to be shipped in April!

Apple’s CEO, Tom Cook, says that the Apple Watch will be ready to ship to customers in April.

The release is slightly later than anticipated as Apple are willing to delay the release for as long as it takes for the gadget to meet performance expectations.

Word has yet to be confirmed as to if Canada will be a launch market just yet.

The Apple Watch itself is a handy little 42mm stainless steel accessory. It is able to keep in conjunction with your Apple device within the timespan of 50 milliseconds. When receiving notifications, such as life events and alerts, you will feel a gentle tap on your skin. The Watch sends notifications of life events and alerts relevant to your schedule. It is also a great fitness buddy, keeping you up to date with your fitness and making note of the exercise you have succeeded to do. Lastly, it is a wallet without using an actual wallet, plenty of locations in the U.S use ApplePay, and there are many more locations to come.





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