Apple changes the return policy so users can’t keep apps after refunds.


Last January 1 Apple had to adopt a number of measures in its App Store to meet the requirements demanded by the European Union and which were intended to allow all customers to return a product within 14 days of its buy, without much explanation, so all mony paid had to be reimbursed without objection. But now things have changed.

With that system, it was possible to buy a set of apps, allow a couple of days for the app to stay in our account purchase history, report the problem and ask for refund. The app automatically showed a discharge but was maintained in the iPhone or iPad, so technically we stayed with her forever without paying.

Changes in the conditions of return
Apple has been slow, but eventually corrected that issue a few days ago, adopting the same measures as other shops that sell digital products, that is, if we download this game or this application it can not be returned.

App Store return policy.

Surely there will be many opinions here just look at the case of Steam, who implemented their conditions which allowed returns but only if the user had not played more than two hours with the app. Despite this limitation, refunds are non stop and, today, developers are already asking the company to change the conditions again.

What you do you think?

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