Apple introduces gender diversity and removes the emoji gun for iOS 10

The American company replaces firearms by water pistols and adds female athletes to “ensure that emojis reflect the diversity of people in society everywhere”.


In order to avoid hurt feelings and as a result of several recent incidents in which have been around firearms, Apple has decided to withdraw its smiley-shaped gun and replaced it with a watergun in the new collection of its emojis which will be part of the next version of the operating system for mobile devices on iOS 10, which will arrive in September with the next iPhone model, which presumably will be called iPhone 7.

In addition to this water gun, the technology company presented the hundred new emoji to be incorporated in the software update, which will highlight mainly a greater variety of gender and racial diversity as Black people will be added in its catalogue.

A rainbow flag used to defend the rights of homosexuals, female athletes and single parent families, among other new features will be included. The emojis are standardised illustrations used as a new form of communication in different chat applications and services, in emails or on platforms like Twitter. In this case, iOS 10 will have a hundred new and redesigned characters.

To do this, Apple has confirmed that it is working with the Unicode Consortium, a group that is responsible for updating the platform to “ensure that emojis reflect the diversity of people in society and everywhere.”