Apple Watch 2: Waterproof?

New rumors suggest that there will be a second generation of the device, which incorporates GPS and independent connectivity.


With Apple you never know. That’s clear. More than a year after its release and after becoming the second best-selling wearables, the American company prepares the new version of the operating system for Apple Watch, called WatchOS 3, the rumours about the continuation of the smart watch is becoming stronger.

According to new leaks, the second-generation of the wrist device will incorporate GPS navigation, will open new colours (Black Space) and will also be waterproof. This last feature, waterproofing, should finally arrive and would become a great attraction, since it is currently not possible to shower with it (only protected against splashing) and, quite possibly, many users would want to use it for all times of the day. It has even been rumoured that the training application will add the ability to monitor swimming.

A proposal to come up with independent connectivity, which would get more out without the need to close the iPhone makes analysts confident that will also allow users to connect wireless headphones, an option that becomes more relevant due to the alleged fact that the next model terminal, iPhone 7 in case of following the tradition, could do without the jack plug for this accessory.

What is known is the arrival in the coming months of the WatchOS 3. This update promises better performance, a more fluid application behaviour, remodelling control and a greater range of possibilities for customisation. In addition, messages can be answered in more ways even writing directly on the screen with “Scribble”. The appearance of the Apps will also be improved to be able to see and control more parameters from a single screen.