BlackBerry plans to keep the QWERTY keyboard alive

The Canadian company confirms that their future phones will come with physical keys despite the decision to abandon domestic production.


If anything has characterised BlackBerry it’s the inclusion of a physical keyboard that stayed in some models even when touchscreens had exploded in the market. Going against everyone and everything the Canadian company said that the QWERTY keyboard formula will remain in future releases despite the decision to stop producing their own phones.

In an interview for the newspaper “Business News Network” BlackBerry CEO John Chen, said “We have to sit with each company to work on a product portfolio, we will be very selective”.

Currently, digital keyboards found on mobile devices with touch screens offer good sensations and are comfortable when typing, even in moments where speed is required for writing. Although no specific date has been set, the company has confirmed new models will definitely be launched with physical keyboard, but may not offer the same traditional design that consumers know well.

At present it is difficult to find mobile phones with physical keyboards. Until a decade ago, this setting was essential, but over the years touchscreens have taken over the industry exercising mechanism of interaction of the functions of mobile devices. Throughout history there have been different types, from the alphanumeric or QWERTY.