Facebook also incorporates an automatic translator

Both users and administrators of pages can post a message in any language which at the same time will be translated into other languages in order to expand the audience and increase interaction without communication barriers.


Facebook does not want language to be a barrier for its users. The social network can not afford the luxury of losing customers. In fact, according to figures from the company, 50% of the community speaks a language other than English, as pointed out in their blog. For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to introduce an automatic translator.

The new tool was launched earlier this year in the pages of Facebook but now the network is testing its performance in individual profiles. In this case, the option “See Translation” passes into history.

With this new tool, administrators and people can compose a single message in multiple languages and users who receive that message will by default get it translated into their own or preferred language. “This allows diverse audiences to interact more and more easily with pages and people they follow”, they say.

Those who want to allow this multilingual possibility on their posts can go to the Settings – Preferences Language- translation of the news section. In the option “What languages do you want to automatically translate?”, the user can select the language they want.

“Machine translation is almost perfect, but needs improving” warn those responsible, the key to perfect this process is based on deep neural networks. That is, a technology that mimics the human brain function, so that the result is almost perfect, in comparison of translations from previous years. “In recent years, deep neural networks have proven to be highly skilled to learn certain tasks, such as recognising faces in the photos. Now, they are also improving machine translation and natural language, where a machine truly captures the meaning of words and phrases which translates” they explain.

So far, about 5,000 pages are already using this automatic translator and publish, according to Facebook, an average of 10,000 times a day. These messages receive 70 million daily visits, of which 25 million come from users who, by default, get the message translated into their language.

The construction of this multilingual experience is very simple. Facebook user write the messages. Then, when creating a new entry, the option to write the same message in other languages appears. Facebook offers the text to be translated into 45 different languages. Simply select those you want in the drop-down menu and automatically translate. “These automatic translations are generated by machine learning models,” explains Facebook.

YouTube to allow live stream video

YouTube will allow live video broadcast. The popular video service of Google will allow users the benefits of live broadcasts, making an addition in the catalogue in which already compete platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live or Twitch. The quintessential video platform, YouTube, has embraced the new trend of live video broadcast, but also has been incorporated into Facebook with your Facebook Live. The option to broadcast videos streaming on YouTube is a native function that does not require anything more than the application.  The videos will be identical to the rest of the content posted on the website. They can be found through the search service portal or seen on the recommendations of each user.


Google doesn’t want to stay behind and wants to make iOS and Android users download the YouTube app. Specially not to let the competition with Periscope Twitter, Facebook or Twitch Live video gain ground. Its operation is simple: just select the specific function, adjust the settings and start recording and broadcast. These videos will have the same format as other content on Youtube, and also will access them using the search engine or see the recommendations of each user. YouTube will activate this feature gradually, giving priority to the most popular video platform users. Some of them mostly Youtubers like The Young Turks, already have the service available. Other users will get in over time. “We believe this will provide an entirely new feature, more intimate and spontaneous to share experiences with the communities,” concludes YouTube on their blog.

Instagram to follow the crowd and incorporate a translator

It will not be until July when users see the new button “View translation” in order to understand any publication and biography on Instagram.


Instagram, which has just celebrated 500 million monthly active users, has announced new features. In their profile they have posted a picture with one sentence (see translation) in several languages. The social network for photographs has announced that soon users will see a translation button.

Instagram continues to change, add features and adapting to users. They now reached the path for translations of publications and biographies but it won’t be until July when users begin to use this option.

“The Instagram community has grown rapidly and is more global than we ever imagined,” says the social network in the picture hanging in the account. “We are very happy because soon you will be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.” Although so far no details are known as in functionality, it seems that the text will be translated into the default language for the Instagram account that is being used and will be visible on the option “View translation”.

We have to wait to see if this new service is carried out as a proper function or if Instagram decides to go for a third party service. For example, Facebook, which owns Instagram, to use the translation service of Microsoft (Bing) for publications on its platform.

It should be recalled also that recently Google has incorporated its WhastApp translator, so that any text can be translated in real time without having to exit the application.

One Plus 3, the biggest threat for high-end phones

The Chinese company has presented on Tuesday its new “smartphone” which is now available at a price of £320. It has a 5.5-inch Amoled screen, 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with four cores at 2.2 GHz.


OnePlus always arouses great expectations. And they have yet again achieved it. It couldn’t be less… A new smartphone was about to leave the oven: the OnePlus 3. And if anything if perfectly pictures how China is impressive for its powerful ability to manufacture terminals, with their own high-end performance at a low price in comparison to Apple, Samsung or HTC.

With the OnePlus 3 they have not been disappointing. “It is a device built by technology enthusiasts for technology enthusiasts,” Carl assured Pei, co-founder of the company, in the corporate blog.

To start OnePlus 3 reinvents the rapid charge system Charge Dash, a technology that ensures a full day of battery with only the need of charging for only half an hour. They say it is faster, safer and efficient, since the terminal does not over heat.

The smartphone has a Optic Amoled 5.5-inch screen, that has been equipped with 6GB of RAM, something impressive as it’s surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S. And mounts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with four cores at 2.2 Ghz.

It operates on the latest version of OxygenOS, a fast, clean and lightweight operating system based on Android Marshmallow. “It integrates several functions that give you more control to customise the experience with your smartphone as gesture recognition with the screen off and customisable buttons,” says the company.

On the other hand, OnePlus were terminals with good technical characteristics but unattractive design. This time, the company has decided to improve the aesthetics and quality of its device which means the metal body of a OnePlus 3 is carved from a single block of aluminium of the highest quality. The result? An ultra-thin and robust safe design.

The camera is another great achievement. With 16 Megapixels, it has an ultra-fast shutter, a fast auto-focus and clean software. In addition, the company has provided the OnePlus 3 with technology that comes with noise reduction, ensuring that every shot is sharp and defined, while two advanced stabilisation methods prevent vibration and unwanted movements.

The OnePlus 3 is now available at a price of £320. The purchase also can be done in virtual reality mode. In fact, fans were able to follow the presentation of the terminal on Google Cardboard and purchase directly.

iOS 10: The new features on Apple’s operating system

Users will not have this new version until autumn but then they can start experimenting the new shortcuts, the new features of Maps or the possibility of having “collages” created automatically with their favorite photos. All with the maximum security and privacy.


Apple introduced iOS 10, the biggest upgrade for the operating system for its iPhones on Monday. Many applauses were heard in the hall of the auditorium Bill Graham of San Francisco, where the WWDC 2016 was held, when Craig Federigh, vice president of the company, confirmed what many already knew: an operating system. Collaborative notes or email conversation mode are other options that iOS 10 will allow its users. At the moment, we analyse the functions they revealed themselves.

Before we start, we must remember that the iOS beta 10 is now available for developers only. Not until autumn (like other developments announced) when users have the new operating system.

The software update will be free for iPhone 5 and later; all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and sixth-generation iPod Touch. What about the other users? Apple invited them, although not clearly, to renew their terminals.

The “Raise to Wake” function automatically activates the screen when you lift the iPhone to allow the user to view all notifications at a glance from the lock screen. In addition, notifications, the Today view and the Control Centre can be opened by simply touching or sliding your finger, while integration with the 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offers more possibilities for interaction with the apps. It is the time of “widgets”.

Apple will renew the messaging app to compete against WhatsApp. It is more expressive and dynamic which takes into account the role of emojis. The Tapback function to respond easily with a single touch, and the ability to add rich content to view and play media files without leaving the conversation.

Apple’s virtual assistant goes further. Siri is known for being an artificial intelligence itself. Now it is able to integrate into applications because the company has decided to open to developers. Sirikit helps professionals integrate their “apps” with Siri to send messages, make calls, browse photos, book trips, make payments, designing workouts or control “apps” on carplay, like adjust the air conditioning or radio station.

iOS 10, the new version of Maps is visually more appealing and easier to use. With access to developers through new extensions like OpenTable which can integrate their functions to maps and services like Uber and Lyft to allow users to book a trip without leaving the app.

The new version of Maps is even smarter, with the addition of a new technology that predicts the next destination and provides driving directions depending on their routines or calendar appointments. And once planned, Maps will search along the way places like petrol stations, restaurants or pubs and calculates how they can influence the stops on the overall journey.

Nowadays we live by and for pictures, either in the form of photography or video. In iOS 10 our photos are automatically grouped all those moments captured thanks to the “Memories” function, which analyses all the photos and videos in search of moments, travel and favourites. It also includes a video memory automatically edited with music, titles and transitions in a cinematic style.

Smart home
The Home application allows you to configure, manage and control home systems: up shutters, garage door open …. The accessories can be controlled individually or grouped into scenes, to give orders with a single command and through Siri. They can be managed remotely or automated with Apple TV, as well as by automatic triggers set by time, place or action.

Apple Music
Apple Music comes with a new design and has been equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. Apple had to make a move because it has 15 million paying users. The Library, For you, Navigation and Radio sections have been redesigned to help users position their music better, while a search option makes it easier to find music.

This is the new iOS application, organised in different sections that make finding news, show notifications for breaking news and of cousre a paid subscriptions section.

Cupertino said they have 60 million active users each month that visit Apple News. They need to expand content and reach, subscriptions.

Security and privacy are two of the pillars of the hardware design, software and services that Apple offer. Federighi said that the new iOS 10 includes encryption end-to-end in their applications. “We do not compromise the profiles of our users,” he recalled.

iMessage, FaceTime and HomeKit apply for a full data encryption, so that neither Apple nor anyone else can read. iOS 10 uses smart technology devices to identify people, objects and scenes in photos and to give suggestions in QuickType. Services like Siri, Maps and News send data to Apple’s servers, but the data is not used to develop user profiles.

iOS 10 will start using the “Differential Privacy” technology, which helps detect patterns of use of a large number of users without invading their privacy.


Google incorporates its translator to WhatsApp

“Touch to” can translate on real time without having to exit WhatsApp for Android users.


Google has incorporated it’s translator to the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. Therefore and quite oviously, the ability to translate these messages is only one option available for devices running Android.

Before, translating a phrase or a conversation on WhatsApp was complicated. The user had to copy the text, go to Google Translator online, paste the text, translate it and then understand the conversation. To answer, the process was the same but in reverse.

Mountain View, therefore, have decided to simplify this process so that the user can access the translator from the application so the process is immediate. Of course, for this, the Google application on your device must be installed.

Any user of WhatsApp, as explained by Google, can select the text they want to translate on the conversation as if they were to copy the text and the new icon of “Touch Translate” will be displayed on the top right side of the screen.

Google’s new feature saves time. It even lets you hear the audio translation, in order to know how to pronounce the word or phrase, and allows also translate without internet connection!

New Twitter “hashtags-emojis” for the Euros

The microblogging network has designed several hashtags on the occasion of the football European competition so that each user, when they write a tweet includes the official flag for each participant country or simply #EURO2016 for a smiley Trophy.

Twitter wants all users to enjoy to the maximum this Euro 2016. According to the social network, fans of the Wales National Team will be tweeting their support with a special emoji. By including the hashtag #TogetherStronger and #WAL on their tweets, users can see their posts take a different appearance with the inclusion of a ball with the Welsh flag. This functionality will be available to all participating national teams.

On the other hand, the network of microblogging has announced that ten minutes after the final whistle of the last match of the day, the Eiffel Tower will be lit with the colors of the football received more support team on Twitter that day. In addition, a selection of the best tweets of the day will be shown on the tower!!!

It has also revealed that between 10 and 20 Twitter creators from all over Europe are on track of the #EURO2016 to create exclusive videos and content for all users.

As pointed out by the social network, at the end of the key matches the tournament official accounts @EURO2016 and @UEFAEURO have asked followers to send their questions to the MVP and the best will be selected to answer them. To participate you must use the hashtag #AskMOTM.

Along with Twitter, Vine and Periscope will also be present during the tournament, which will have its own Vine channel where you can see the best six seconds videos every day. The application of Periscope will offer live video broadcasts of the UEFA accounts and specialized reporters.

“We are really excited that Twitter is in the heart of the experience of the # EURO2016. Since last summer sports tournament, the 2014 World Cup, the creative possibilities of Twitter have evolved tremendously “, said Colin Barthelemy, Coordinator on Twitter for the #EURO2016.



Tips for taking “selfies” on the iPhone 6S

Using the timer, take advantage of the fast actions or control lighting are some tricks for better photos.


In the last years it has become fashionable to take ‘selfies’, or simply self-portraits usually taken with the existing front camera in the most advanced smartphones in the market. It’s no surprise the leading manufacturers of these products have placed emphasis on improving the quality of its sensors and lenses.

Apple did the same with the iPhone 6S, its current flagship, with front 5 megapixel camera featuring a flash Retina. Although the operation to take photos is relatively simple, this device hides a wide variety of options and capabilities, many of them unknown to many users. To find out, PhoneAsylum will show you some tips and tricks to try to take advantage and look amazing when taking “selfies”.

Use “Live Photos”
Although it was not available at launch, ‘Live Photos’ already allows you to save some time and share these files to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Using Flash Retina system
One of the novelties existing on the iPhone 6S is the incorporation of a system of flash when taking ‘selfies’. Taking advantage of the Retina HD display a pre-flash that detects surrounding light is activated. Then the user triggers a flash under the True Tone technology on the screen to set the light and try to achieve a more realistic and balanced picture.

You may know this feature, but the camera application lets you set a timer whose aim is to prepare for the photo. It can be programmed to jump three or ten seconds, it even features a burst of images.

Take advantage of short cuts

Apple has built an important development, 3D Touch technology, which allows discern the options depending on the pressure exerted by the fingers. The camera application has these “fast track actions” not necessarily but very helpful when taking a “selfie”.


Creative time-lapse videos
Another option that may be interesting to note is the time-lapse mode, speeding up the time. With this feature the user can create a suggestive film after recording several minutes or even several hours. The result is spectacular, especially the stabilization on the system that promises to avoid leaving shaky videos.

Manage exposure
Interesting are some of the basic options found within the camera application, which includes a transmission light exposure. You just have to move your finger on the screen to lighten or darken in other words, regulate the light of the images in order to give a higher quality and making them appear more natural.

Using the physical keys as the trigger
In case you did not know, the iPhone allows you to use the volume keys (the physical keys on the edge of the device) or even headphones buttons as a trigger. If you have the Apple Watch this option is also available.

Preview the result

Once you have taken the picture, remember that you can preview it to observe in detail the result before sharing it on your social networks. So, after taking a “selfie” the user can preview the result on the fly by pressing lightly with quick actions ‘Peek’ on the thumbnail photo.

Create Photo Album
Another feature that may be of interest is to create an album that collects all the “selfies”. This option is possible even automatically. You only need to go to Photos / Albums / and there they will appear.

Apple changes the return policy so users can’t keep apps after refunds.


Last January 1 Apple had to adopt a number of measures in its App Store to meet the requirements demanded by the European Union and which were intended to allow all customers to return a product within 14 days of its buy, without much explanation, so all mony paid had to be reimbursed without objection. But now things have changed.

With that system, it was possible to buy a set of apps, allow a couple of days for the app to stay in our account purchase history, report the problem and ask for refund. The app automatically showed a discharge but was maintained in the iPhone or iPad, so technically we stayed with her forever without paying.

Changes in the conditions of return
Apple has been slow, but eventually corrected that issue a few days ago, adopting the same measures as other shops that sell digital products, that is, if we download this game or this application it can not be returned.

App Store return policy.

Surely there will be many opinions here just look at the case of Steam, who implemented their conditions which allowed returns but only if the user had not played more than two hours with the app. Despite this limitation, refunds are non stop and, today, developers are already asking the company to change the conditions again.

What you do you think?

LG shows you 5 tips to get the best pictures with the LG G4


One of the most important aspects of the LG G4, has to do with the evolution of the camera and the manufacturer wants to keep highlighting it, giving you tips to make the best of it and through a practical video.

Let’s recall: The LG G4 features a 16 MP rear camera  with an improved OIS system that also incorporates the color spectrum sensor. This sensor measures the RGB values of the images that are being captured, and the infrared light reflected on objects to get a better quality picture.

Of course, the sensor does it’s job before taking the picture, allowing the lense to obtain a more reliable result, since the white balance and flash are design to show the clear improvement.

LG G4 : ‘5 key ways to take great pictures’ by Colby Brown