Galaxy S6 Edge+ leaks and Galaxy Tab S2 released!!

Galaxy S6

We all know the innovative and functional smartphone with curved edges – the Galaxy S6 Edge, well Samsung will have an even larger version and we just got a picture to prove it.

What we think the main or one of the objectives of launching this S6 Edge Plus or +, is to compete with the new iPhone 6S Plus that Apple is set to launch in September.

Of course, the fact of adding the name Plus, means your screen effectively will grow from the current 5.1 inch to 5.7 inches.

Reports say the device will come with Quad HD resolution and is apparently coming again without an S-Pen, which continues to indicate that this is an exclusive feature of the Galaxy Note range. The Galaxy S6 Edge+  will be presented on August 12.

Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab S2!


Now…  Samsung announced yesterday the new Galaxy Tab S2. The latest device from the South Korean company offers a breathtaking Super AMOLED screen perfectly optimized for reading and watching any kind of digital content.

The Galaxy Tab S2 has the thinnest and lightest metal frame in the market and shows the powerful performance to provide a better experience; equipping users with improved productivity and multitasking options.

“The Galaxy Tab S2 is not only the thinnest and lightest tablet but gives users quick and easy access along with a lot of superior features of visibility and productivity,” said JK Shin, CEO and president of cellphone division and IT Samsung Electronics. “We believe the Galaxy Tab S2 is the most complete visual personal device, designed for consumers that like to carry with them and use it everywhere”.

With only 5.6 mm, 9.7 inch and 265 grams of weight, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is perfectly designed to read and consume content, thanks to his impressive Super AMOLED screen.


Recreating the same visual browsing experience through traditional printed media, the tablet makes it more comfortable for reading digital content, including e-books, magazines, websites and news sources. This proportion of optimized reading allows the user to enjoy a perfect experience without unnecessary scrolling.

The tablet has a deeper contrast and finer details to provide the best reading interface in its class, through its screen, which delivers 94% of natural tones to show more realistic colors (Adobe RGB color standard ).

Now users can enjoy galleries with very detailed photos and buy online, while viewing images more precisely. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S2 provides advanced display technology to show bright and natural content.

The display intelligently adjusts the colour range and saturation based on the application that we’re working on as well as temperature and ambient light sharpness. The tablet also features Read mode which changes the brightness level of the screen to allow the user to read content for long periods without hurting their eyes.


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