Google gets more emoji of women to achieve greater gender equality

The Mountain View have managed to get the Unicode Consortium to extend the catalog with 11 new professionals emoticons, both in male and female version, and with all skin tones.


Google proposed in May this year to change the landscape of emoticons. The Mountain View company have realised that we are used to seeing this kind of Emoji:

It is an exclusively male professional reference. However, as Google points out in his blog, women’s representation is, briefly, this:


Women only want to be brides and queens. Is this true?

“More than 90 percent of the world’s population uses emoticons. However, although there is a huge range of emojis, there isn’t diversity in the careers of women”, says Google. The company believes that female representation is not adequate and, therefore, made contact with the Unicode Consortium two months ago. The result? There will be 11 new emoticons that represent gender equality in the workplace.

“We have been working to improve things,” says the company, which proposed the new emojis representing a wide range of professions, both for women and men, reflecting the roles of the women in the world .

“The Unicode Consortium has agreed to add 11 new profession emojis, in both options (male and female) and all skin tones. These are more than 100 new choices”, says the Mountain View. These professions are: farmer, welder, mechanic, doctor, scientist, technician, executive, chef, student, teacher and rock star.


However that is not all from Google. The Consortium is also working on adding and male and female versions of 33 emoticons that already exist, such as the barber.


“These new emojis are the result of one of several efforts we are making to represent women better in technology,” says Google.