Google hints USB-C connector coming to Android tablets and phones.

google1_240xIt seems as thought the new USB-C is everywhere, we saw it in Apple’s new MacBook and also Google’s powerful i5/i7 Chromebook Pixel and now it seems as though its coming to our phones and tablets too!

Google released a video promoting the new USB Type C. Towards the end of the video Adam Rodriguez, Chromebook’s Product Manager, says “expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future.” Google also mentions in the new laptop write up “the Pixel is one of the first devices to debut the USB Type C charger, to power not only the laptop but the future phones and tablets.”

So what are the benefits of the new USB Type C? Well the USB-C is the cable that connects them all. This amazing new step in technology is definitely the most convinient port you will ever need. Here’s all you need to know about the new USB Type C and why everyone is talking about it:

  1. The port can be used for charging, DATA and display.chromebook-pixel-3
  2. It can USB can supply up to 20 volts to 100 watts from both directions.
  3. It’s fast. USB Type C is 2x the speed of USB 3.0 at 10gb per second.
  4. 5gb per second transfer speed.
  5. It’s reversible.
  6. It’s backwards compatible.

The advantages of this USB is why we will be seeing a lot more of it and a lot more companies will definitely incorporate it!

Source(s): CNet, PhoneArena

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