Google incorporates its translator to WhatsApp

“Touch to” can translate on real time without having to exit WhatsApp for Android users.


Google has incorporated it’s translator to the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. Therefore and quite oviously, the ability to translate these messages is only one option available for devices running Android.

Before, translating a phrase or a conversation on WhatsApp was complicated. The user had to copy the text, go to Google Translator online, paste the text, translate it and then understand the conversation. To answer, the process was the same but in reverse.

Mountain View, therefore, have decided to simplify this process so that the user can access the translator from the application so the process is immediate. Of course, for this, the Google application on your device must be installed.

Any user of WhatsApp, as explained by Google, can select the text they want to translate on the conversation as if they were to copy the text and the new icon of “Touch Translate” will be displayed on the top right side of the screen.

Google’s new feature saves time. It even lets you hear the audio translation, in order to know how to pronounce the word or phrase, and allows also translate without internet connection!