Google Play Music finally launches free streaming with ad-support!


The Internet giant fights again, this time in the market for streaming music. And its Google Play Music app adds a mode of payment for the premium version “free-mium”, an innovation that allows users to listen to personalised radio stations in exchange for interrupting playback advertisements. The company intends to compete in a higher lever with Spotify and will push the imminent release of Apple Music.

While Google Play Music has a unique feature that makes it against his opponents (as is the ability to store online and for free up to 50,000 songs), still it lacks in features that have not made it yet the number 1 streaming service.

Today, Google takes advantage of the situation and does what Spotify is doing with his service Play Music. The method of payment for subscription that lets you listen to streaming over 30 million songs it’s free of adds.Google will offer a streaming radio service in exchange for the user to hear a number of commercials in each music session. Google Play Music also enables users to play personalized music from a playlist or based on an artist, album, genre and even according to the mood or activity.


Available through the web player and apps for iOS and Android
Initially the Google Play Music free-mium model starts in the US and is now available through the Web version of the player. The new radio service free streaming will come along this week to applications for iOS and Android. Regarding the extension of this approach to other regions, the search engine has not made any statements, but is expected to be extended to the rest of the world very soon, likely when the service has been tested primarily by Americans.

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