Has Apple ruined the chances for phone companies to use Touch ID?

Apple’s AuthenTec has left Motorola’s Nexus 6 without a fingerprint sensor. The slight dimple on the back of the Nexus 6 would have featured the Touch ID fingerprint sensor but due to the fact that Apple had previously bought the ‘best supplier’ on the market, the dimple now features the Motorola’s signature ‘M’.


The company had plant to include this feature in the Nexus 6 but according to Motorola Mobility’s former CEO, Dennis Woodside, the feature would not have made much of a difference either way.


Dennis Woodside left Motorola in 2014, to lead Dropbox, yet he still had a small role in the development of the Nexus 6. The company had planned to use the second best supplier in the industry, the only supplier available to the rest of the companies, but their technology was not ‘all there yet’. Due to this, Motorola removed the feature in the eleventh hour, right before launch.





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