Has Samsung dropped the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810?

Qualcomm confirmed on Wednesday that a key customer had dropped their Snapdragon 810 processor. The announcement was made as the company released their first-quarter earnings report.

As we mentioned in our other blog there are reports of Samsung wanting to drop the processor due to the overheating rumours. Our guess is that Samsung have dropped the processor in order to put their own Exynos processor in their S6. Whether this is to do with overheating or not we cannot confirm but our guess is that Samsung may be focusing on their Exynos brand.

Qualcomm haven’t hinted at who the key customer may be but it definitely aligns with the speculation and rumours that we reported on.

Should Qualcomm be worried?

Now Samsung generates a lot of business for Qualcomm and losing their custom has led to it’s after-hours trading being down by more that 8%. The company is also behind most of the non-Apple mobile phones on the market with companies like HTC, LG and many more using their extremely favourable processors but is that enough for them?


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