Instagram launches a new feature: “Instagram Stories” (Snapchat)

This feature will make photos disappear 24 hours after publication.


In order to encourage their followers to publish and share images beyond that whether or not are useful, the popular social network Instagram, owned by Facebook, today launched a new feature, “Instagram Stories,” which will make photographs disappear 24 hours after publication.

The aim is to encourage users to also publish their everyday way of history or photo-story moments and not limit their daily life to one or two updates a day according Instagram.

With more than 500 million users worldwide, the platform has introduced this new concept of pictographic expiration, among other reasons, so that the user can relax in their creations without the pressure of having to get “likes”.

The new functionality, which will be progressively appearing today among all users of Instagram in the world, always gives users control of who can view their pictures and expiration date.

The user can select whether or not to enable discussion on photos and videos, and if permitted, has the option to choose which comments are only viewed by for their followers or the general public.

In the event that the user of Instagram Stories wants to keep certain photographs and prevent them from disappearing within 24 hours, simply give the option to save before or after share. To keep your updates you can also publish as usual in your user profile.

“Instagram Stories” allows you to write messages on images with different brushes and colours and incorporate filters or emoticons.

Since the new functionality is part of the application itself, images can be shared only within the platform.