Instagram to follow the crowd and incorporate a translator

It will not be until July when users see the new button “View translation” in order to understand any publication and biography on Instagram.


Instagram, which has just celebrated 500 million monthly active users, has announced new features. In their profile they have posted a picture with one sentence (see translation) in several languages. The social network for photographs has announced that soon users will see a translation button.

Instagram continues to change, add features and adapting to users. They now reached the path for translations of publications and biographies but it won’t be until July when users begin to use this option.

“The Instagram community has grown rapidly and is more global than we ever imagined,” says the social network in the picture hanging in the account. “We are very happy because soon you will be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.” Although so far no details are known as in functionality, it seems that the text will be translated into the default language for the Instagram account that is being used and will be visible on the option “View translation”.

We have to wait to see if this new service is carried out as a proper function or if Instagram decides to go for a third party service. For example, Facebook, which owns Instagram, to use the translation service of Microsoft (Bing) for publications on its platform.

It should be recalled also that recently Google has incorporated its WhastApp translator, so that any text can be translated in real time without having to exit the application.