iPhone 7: will this be the new Apple phone?

According to “Wall Street Journal”, the new iPhone will be almost the same as its predecessor, filtered images and videos about the new model that Tim Cook will present keep leaking and opening speculation. 


Speculation about the iPhone 7 will not cease. Such is the anticipation of the new “surprise” that keeps Apple with suspicion (as always), that leaks occur every day.

One of the most recent came from a Chinese web with what seems to be a prototype of the new Apple device.


The new smartphone would be larger. And, according to leaks, it seems to be true that in Cupertino they  have decided to remove the connector for headphones. This port 3.5 mm and the story could happen in September, date on which Apple would present it’s new creation for the wireless connection.

This connector space would be used for a second speaker while the terminal will also have a larger camera on the back.

It remains unclear,  if there will be two versions (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) of different sizes (4.7 “and 5.5”). However, recent pictures leaked by Chinese website “Weibo” indicate that there could actually be three…


The ‘worst’ is that the iPhone 7 will be almost the same as its predecessor. At least that is what ensures “Wall Street Journal”. Tim Cook apparently follows the same line not innovate too much.

And more bad news considering that Apple is not going through its best in terms of sales. Last year was the first in which the Cupertino sales fell on iPhones, its flagship product (generating 63% of company revenues) since 2003. Seems like the competition from Android terminals of low cost and the slowing of the Chinese economy took advantage on the company.