Microsoft pays $10,000 to a woman whose computer crashed when installing Windows 10 automatically

“Nobody asked me if I wanted to upgrade,” says Teri Goldstein, owner of a travel agency in California, she decided to take the company to court “seeking compensation” for economic losses caused in her business.


Microsoft has not been successful with the campaign being carried out with Windows 10 with the aim that all users update to latest operating system the company is offering for the devices. Many users have described the installation as an “aggressive” strategy because even updates are carried out without permission.

For this reason, a woman has reported complaints to the company after Windows 10 was installed suddenly on her PC at work, completely blocking the computer. Microsoft has decided to compensate the “victim” with 10,000 dollars.

The protagonist of this curious story has a name: Teri Goldstein. “I had never heard of Windows 10”, says the newspaper. “Nobody asked me if I wanted to upgrade” she says. But the new operating system tried to settle days after Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015.

The update, however, failed. Teri Goldstein said her computer was locked so could not work for several days at the travel agency who she runs in Sausalito (California).

As customer service could not solve the problem, she decided to take Microsoft to court “seeking compensation” for economic losses caused in her business. This is how Teri Goldstein has won and has been indemnified.

Microsoft has decided not to appeal the sentence. Last month they paid the woman $10,000, and although denied irregularities in their practices, they say, according to “The Seatlle Times”, prefer to pay compensation instead of spending more money on an appeal.

Windows 10 was launched in July last year and its download is free until July 29, when the year of its launch is met.