Pokemon Go has started banishing

The mobile game based on augmented reality that caused furor continues to lose many users


Pokémon GO is starting to feel the limitations that the massive mobile technology has to offer. All that tends to rise quickly, quickly fades. The mobile game based on augmented reality technology that has caused people to literally go crazy in the last two months has begun to lose thousands of users.

The app recreates this animated universe and encourages users to “hunt” virtual creatures down the street has reduced its impact and just got into a steady slowdown in recent weeks. A situation that was expected and, of course, obvious. Keeping pace of growth registered in the first impact is very difficult and recent data indicated that the game developed by the company Niantic has entered a new state of stability and is facing a less faithful community.


According to a study by the firm Axiom Capital Management, mobile gaming has gone from 45 million users obtained in July  to 30 million by the end to August. Similar to those offered by SurveyMonkey and Apptopia, confirming that daily use and some downloads show decrease in data, although the game has allowed to publicise massively augmented reality technology even among the least familiar users, something that other companies can use as support to introduce and recreate this type of immersive experiences.

The report states that the recommendation of users has also fallen in recent weeks. Currently, 60% of the application users decide to express their satisfaction. “Given the rapidly increasing use of Pokémon Go since its launch in July, investors have been concerned about whether this new user experience means less time spent on other mobile applications,” says Victor Anthony, an analyst at Axiom Capital Management.

Pokémon Go, despite everything, continues to introduce new light with successive software updates in order to keep a fresh environment between users.