Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera: The best one in the market.

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Two months after the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the camera of these cutting-edge devices has become what offers the highest image quality on a smartphone, even in low light. Equipped with the latest Samsung core technology and with a spectacular metal and glass design, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, have conquered multiple fans of digital photography thanks to their high performance, speed and quality of the camera functions.

In fact, 92% of users who tested for the first time the Samsung Galaxy S6 and were interviewed on the occasion as part of a Samsung campaing described the camera as one of the main strengths of the devices, saying it is “much better than previous devices”.

Sharp images and fast access.
The front 5 MP camera and rear (16 MP) of these devices offer incredibly sharp images even at night or under dim light, thanks to its lightweight and high resolution sensors. The focal F1.9 aperture function allows, more light and better focus lens and can shoot dark scenes, such as a dark room with great clarity.

In addition, the HDR mode in real time, the optical stabilizer (OIS) and IR White Balance, create amazing light sensitivity. The camera offers other unique features such as the ability to rotate an object and virtually 180 compose a single image, the user can manipulate with the accelerometer and the gyroscope that includes smartphone.

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On the other hand, the new “Quick Launch” feature gives users a direct and quick access to the camera from anywhere in the menu in just 0.7 seconds by simply pressing twice the home button. These advanced camera features allow users to capture better pictures of those special personal moments with unprecedented quality  wherever they want and how they want.

The S6 and S6 Edge also incorporate the first 1440P / VP9 codec that allows users to enjoy a high speed when playing videos in streaming with low power consumption. As for its 5.1-inch screen Super AMOLED HD providing users with greater pixel density of 577ppi. Also improves its visibility in the outside thanks to an increase in the display brightness.

Usability is one of the main features of these smartphones. Therefore, Samsung has eliminated multiple preinstalled apps as well as notifications and pop-ups.

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