Samsung working on apps for people with Autism and Alzheimer


As we all know Samsung is always focusing on constantly launching new mobile applications to improve user experience and innovate technology.

One of the great achievements of Samsung, leaving aside its flagship smartphones, was to launch a mobile device designed specifically for people with difficulties, the Galaxy Core Advancer, a phone for the blind, which has physical buttons and other functions so that users find it easier to operate the smartphone with one hand.

This new device comes with various features such as a cover that has an ultrasound radar that makes the device vibrate when there is an obstacle ahead of the user.

And this time, the company also stated their desire to work with people with Alzheimer’s and autism, through a package of solutions and services, trying to improve the quality of the devices in the life of the fans.

One of the tools implemented it’s called Memory Backup. This application was designed in a Samsung branch in Tunisia, the team had in mind the app to provide assistance to Alzheimer’s patients

Specific functions

Samsung’s president took the necessary responsibility in order to help to create this device, and therefore went to the Tunisian Association of Alzheimer and 3GS BBDO advertising agency, to finally start the project.

The main function of it is being able to stimulate the memory of patients showing early symptoms of disease, making the illness show in an early age. This app enables people to recognize their family and friends through photos and videos.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the phone keeps track of various gadgets and connect with them, activating the information that catches the attention of every individual. The company says that before using the app, you must enter the necessary data for it to perform well.

Samsung will continue to work in this application in order to improve their functions and add others as well. One is to use GPS to get the location in real time of the patients and inform their closest contacts.


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