A 12 year old boy spent more than £90,000 on YouTube

The child and his 15 year old friend hired by mistake the AdWords service


A bill of more than 90 thousand British pounds for trying to be a  “youtuber”. This is what happened to a child of 12 years, which has seen how Google has charged to his (or his parents’) account such amount by the concept of advertising their website. According to the child’s family, which already have a solicitor reviewing the subject-, an error occured because the minor attempted to charge for content that was uploaded with a friend through their Youtube channel but they were wrong and charged on AdWords, Google offers the service to promote and position web content.

All the children wanted was to be “youtubers” and make known their channel on musical content. However, they did not realise their mistake, and they instead of earning have to pay. What they did was hire inserting advertising for a page, so the children began receiving charges by Google, in order to promote to visitors. For this service, Google explains it is necessary to provide an email account, a bank, and a website. By not having to enter an ID, the kid started trading, no need to verify their age, according to the version of the family.

However, in early August, the bank warned the boy’s mother that there were coming charges to their account from Google Ireland, headquarters of the multinational in Europe. The account began to receive charges from 50 to 18,000 euros in a week, but the worst was the one who came last September 28, for 78,000 euros. With this in less than a month, the family came to get a bill of 100,000 euros.

Once the child’s parents knew the history, contents disappeared and the account was deactivated. Still, the family of this child still not explained how it is possible that a kid is able to activate this service without an adult sharing responsibility. The family already has a lawyer who will help them out of this confrontation with the large multinational.