iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and what Apple might be planning for Sept. 7th

Several rumours strongly point to the presentation of its flagship and most famous product with a new smart watch.


Apple had a very clear date: September 7, 2016. In their new “keynote” which will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, the company will present its new products.

Cupertino are characterised by a high secrecy. Although this time they have confirmed with more time than the usual the date of their next appointment, as for what they have prepared nothing is known officially. However, there are already several rumours that strongly point to the presentation of the new iPhone, 7 and 7S, along with a new smart watch. However, the new range of MacBook Pro is almost certainly out of the “keynote”.

In short, there are so many rumours and leaks that we will make a summary of what Apple might be planning for next week.

1. iPhone 7
It is virtually certain that Tim Cook takes the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to present the new terminal of the company. In September last year, it was the turn of the iPhone 6 S and 6S Plus. It’s time to renew and is very likely to have the new model, whose characteristics are:

– Two models: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

– Design: there won’t be very big news at first sight so it is likely to again cause the company speculation in terms of basic design, yes they could bring to market two new dark colours the known space Gray and deep blue.

– No headphone jack

– No 16GB model. iPhone 7 lower range would be 32GB followed by 128GB and 256GB (maybe).

– Double camera: no doubt, it would be one of the most remarkable improvements of the new terminal. However, it has been rumoured strongly that only the top model, the 7S, would have the dual camera system.
– Chip A10: The A9 in the iPhone 6S, with 2GB of RAM, was been designed by Apple and is the world’s most advanced chip for now, enabling high performance and speed. We’ll see how the A10 does because it has very high standards.

– Home Button: the new terminal could incorporate system similar to the “trackpad” of the MacBook.

2. Apple Watch 2
– Thinner design: the new smartwatch could incorporate display technology that would help thin the device (currently 10.5 millimeters).

– Battery 334 mAh, which would represent a slight improvement over the previous one.

– With GPS and network connectivity: newest improvements.

– Could be submersible.


3. MacBook Pro
Four years have passed since the company last renewed their devices. Mark Gurman, an Apple journalist specialist who is almost-never wrong, has secured in “Bloomberg” that it won’t be until October when Apple introduces its new MacBook Pro.

And not only that. Cupertino are also working on a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air USB port Type C.

4. Operating Systems
At WWDC 2016, Apple introduced the new iOS 10. It is expected, therefore, that the new iPhone 7 comes with this new operating system with a new display, an interactive screen, new interface, 3D Touch, more widgets, etc.

Sierra macOS also presented for the expected new Mac; watchOS 3 opened to developers last June, so hopefully the new Apple Watch will be true. With that said the new operating system would be available in autumn.

Instagram to follow the crowd and incorporate a translator

It will not be until July when users see the new button “View translation” in order to understand any publication and biography on Instagram.


Instagram, which has just celebrated 500 million monthly active users, has announced new features. In their profile they have posted a picture with one sentence (see translation) in several languages. The social network for photographs has announced that soon users will see a translation button.

Instagram continues to change, add features and adapting to users. They now reached the path for translations of publications and biographies but it won’t be until July when users begin to use this option.

“The Instagram community has grown rapidly and is more global than we ever imagined,” says the social network in the picture hanging in the account. “We are very happy because soon you will be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.” Although so far no details are known as in functionality, it seems that the text will be translated into the default language for the Instagram account that is being used and will be visible on the option “View translation”.

We have to wait to see if this new service is carried out as a proper function or if Instagram decides to go for a third party service. For example, Facebook, which owns Instagram, to use the translation service of Microsoft (Bing) for publications on its platform.

It should be recalled also that recently Google has incorporated its WhastApp translator, so that any text can be translated in real time without having to exit the application.

iOS 10: The new features on Apple’s operating system

Users will not have this new version until autumn but then they can start experimenting the new shortcuts, the new features of Maps or the possibility of having “collages” created automatically with their favorite photos. All with the maximum security and privacy.


Apple introduced iOS 10, the biggest upgrade for the operating system for its iPhones on Monday. Many applauses were heard in the hall of the auditorium Bill Graham of San Francisco, where the WWDC 2016 was held, when Craig Federigh, vice president of the company, confirmed what many already knew: an operating system. Collaborative notes or email conversation mode are other options that iOS 10 will allow its users. At the moment, we analyse the functions they revealed themselves.

Before we start, we must remember that the iOS beta 10 is now available for developers only. Not until autumn (like other developments announced) when users have the new operating system.

The software update will be free for iPhone 5 and later; all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and sixth-generation iPod Touch. What about the other users? Apple invited them, although not clearly, to renew their terminals.

The “Raise to Wake” function automatically activates the screen when you lift the iPhone to allow the user to view all notifications at a glance from the lock screen. In addition, notifications, the Today view and the Control Centre can be opened by simply touching or sliding your finger, while integration with the 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offers more possibilities for interaction with the apps. It is the time of “widgets”.

Apple will renew the messaging app to compete against WhatsApp. It is more expressive and dynamic which takes into account the role of emojis. The Tapback function to respond easily with a single touch, and the ability to add rich content to view and play media files without leaving the conversation.

Apple’s virtual assistant goes further. Siri is known for being an artificial intelligence itself. Now it is able to integrate into applications because the company has decided to open to developers. Sirikit helps professionals integrate their “apps” with Siri to send messages, make calls, browse photos, book trips, make payments, designing workouts or control “apps” on carplay, like adjust the air conditioning or radio station.

iOS 10, the new version of Maps is visually more appealing and easier to use. With access to developers through new extensions like OpenTable which can integrate their functions to maps and services like Uber and Lyft to allow users to book a trip without leaving the app.

The new version of Maps is even smarter, with the addition of a new technology that predicts the next destination and provides driving directions depending on their routines or calendar appointments. And once planned, Maps will search along the way places like petrol stations, restaurants or pubs and calculates how they can influence the stops on the overall journey.

Nowadays we live by and for pictures, either in the form of photography or video. In iOS 10 our photos are automatically grouped all those moments captured thanks to the “Memories” function, which analyses all the photos and videos in search of moments, travel and favourites. It also includes a video memory automatically edited with music, titles and transitions in a cinematic style.

Smart home
The Home application allows you to configure, manage and control home systems: up shutters, garage door open …. The accessories can be controlled individually or grouped into scenes, to give orders with a single command and through Siri. They can be managed remotely or automated with Apple TV, as well as by automatic triggers set by time, place or action.

Apple Music
Apple Music comes with a new design and has been equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. Apple had to make a move because it has 15 million paying users. The Library, For you, Navigation and Radio sections have been redesigned to help users position their music better, while a search option makes it easier to find music.

This is the new iOS application, organised in different sections that make finding news, show notifications for breaking news and of cousre a paid subscriptions section.

Cupertino said they have 60 million active users each month that visit Apple News. They need to expand content and reach, subscriptions.

Security and privacy are two of the pillars of the hardware design, software and services that Apple offer. Federighi said that the new iOS 10 includes encryption end-to-end in their applications. “We do not compromise the profiles of our users,” he recalled.

iMessage, FaceTime and HomeKit apply for a full data encryption, so that neither Apple nor anyone else can read. iOS 10 uses smart technology devices to identify people, objects and scenes in photos and to give suggestions in QuickType. Services like Siri, Maps and News send data to Apple’s servers, but the data is not used to develop user profiles.

iOS 10 will start using the “Differential Privacy” technology, which helps detect patterns of use of a large number of users without invading their privacy.


Samsung focuses on sport with the Gear FIT2 IconX

The South Korean firm puts the focus on the mobile phone industry with a new bracelet that includes a training computer and music player with wireless headphones.

sansung phone asylum

Athletes are consumers looking for different products to improve their performance and Samsung has once again bet on monitoring bracelets for physical activity with the bracelet FIT2 Gear, which includes the typical functions of these ‘wearables’ plus a wireless headset called Gear IconX.

The first case is a fitness bracelet which includes integrated GPS positioning system independent of the parent terminal. It also has a heart rate sensor that provides real-time data and for athletes to keep track of their heart pulses during exercise.

With an elegant design, this electronic band features a touch screen with Super AMOLED technology with nice information and data recorded. Moreover, like other such devices found on the market, users can view and respond to text messages.

The incorporation of the Super AMOLED screen with touch panel colour and high resolution in order to easily monitor workouts, or view and respond to notifications for text messages. Another interesting detail is the Auto Activity Tracking function, one which users may forget to activate. Auto Activity Tracking detects the type of exercise (running, cycling, walking) being made. One of the great advantages and differeces over other rivals is its separate music player that allows users to actively train without carrying a mobile device and it will be available from June 10.

Meanwhile, IconX Gear wireless headphones can monitor the information on physical activity and provide users with information about your running performance. Just in case, they have three different sizes and can be activated by simply placing the headphones on the user’s ears.

Among other things, the device allows track of sporting activity data, such as distance, speed, duration, heart rate and calories burned, and easily synchronized with the S Health app. One extra detail: it has a Voice Guide function which provides instant voice information about progress in user training. As if that were not enough, it syncs via Bluetooth but has a 4GB memory to store a thousand songs in MP3 format.

A multi-operator SIM Card tempts Samsung and Apple


The largest manufacturers of smartphones on the market, want to incorporate a SIM Card with support throughout the world so users can forget all those other SIM Cards from different companies that change from country to country.

According to the Financial Times, both companies are already, in fact, having several conversations with the Association of the cell phone industry, GMSA.

Now, specifically, this multi-operator card would be useful, for example, if you’re a user who travels a lot and need to use your smartphone, it will be enough to have this international SIM in your device to choose the movile operator that you prefer.

Of course, as expected, this has not been confirmed by Apple or Samsung. Rumour has it the final landing of the SIM would take up to a year.

Apple Pay finally available in the UK!

Apple-Pay-phoneasylumThe payment option for Apple phones has tarted migrating outside the boundaries of North America, landing in the UK.

Apple Pay can officially be used by consumers in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and so far there are more than 250,000 businesses accepting this service, these can be found in detail by clicking here.

In this way the evolution of the cellphone payment crossed the pond and allow payment cards like VISA, Master Card, American Express and others belonging to HSBC, NatWest, First Direct, Bank of Scotland, among others.

Finally, it is believed that the following countries to accept payments on Apple Pay will be Canada and China in late 2015.

Apple Watch buying guide. (In-Depth)

Apple’s keynote has drawn to a close and we are now waiting to get our hands on the Apple Watch more than ever. This will be the first product category Apple have introduced in five years! So no wonder it is one of the most anticipated gadgets of last year and this year. But what do we know about the Apple Watch and how will it compliment your Apple handset? Here’s everything you need to know.

Watch Edition 3

The release.

The Apple Watch will be shipped in just over a month on April 24th. The wearable gadget will hit nine of the most industrialized countries. The list consists of the US, the UK, China (of course), Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. I’m sure that these countries will no doubt eat up the Apple Watch as they are definitely one for their technology.

The Apple Watch will also go on sale on April 24th but only by reservation will you be able to buy one. It is also only in selected venues which includes Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Colette in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles and The Corner in Berlin.

If you can’t wait until then you can also make an appointment on April 10th so that you can see, touch, feel and enjoy the smartwatch yourself in Apple retail stores. It will also be available to view or have a try at various places in the 9 first selected countries such as Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges in London and Galeries Lafayette in Paris. If you have tried the watch and just cannot wait to get your hands on it, it will be available to order in the Apple website on that day.

The price tag.

Before we buy one we’ve got to make sure the price is right. Now the Apple Watch will be available in three different collections which include, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. In typical Apple style the new gadget is sure to burn a hole in your wallet for the average person in the UK or the US etc as this pricey gadget could leave you short of £8,000 or more for it’s most expensive collection, Apple Edition. You might wonder why it is so expensive, well, this is due to the ridiculous 18-karat solid yellow or rose gold. Personally I would never be able to take this wearable out of the house with me as the fear of all of the harmful possibilities the outside world could bring to an £8,000 watch on my wrist would almost definitely drive me insane. But that’s just me.

Watch Edition

Before you look away and remove the possibility of ever owning the Apple Watch the next price may give you some hope. The cheapest Apple Watch you can own is the Apple Watch Sport with a 38mm face this gadget will cost you £299.00. This is still pricey if you’re planning on just using it as a watch but for the tech enthusiasts this price is almost just right, providing it does what it says on the tin. But before I move on to the features of the watch I’ll give you a list of all the prices for all the different versions of the collections.

Although there are only three collections the versions range from 8-20.

The Apple Watch is available in 20 versions all with price tags that climb higher and higher and deeper and deeper into your wallet. Here’s 10 of the different versions with their ranging price tags.

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and white sports band costs £479
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and white sports band costs £519

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Classic buckle costs £559
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Classic buckle costs £599

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Milanese Loop costs £559
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Milanese Loop costs £599

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Modern Buckle costs £649 (surely that’s wrong)
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Midnight Blue Modern Buckle costs £649

The 38mm Apple Watch with Space Black Case and Stainless Steal Link Bracelet costs £899
The 42mm Apple Watch with Space Black Case and Stainless Steal Link Bracelet costs £949

There are 10 versions of the Apple Watch Sport available, including:

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band costs £299
The 42mm Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band costs £339

There are are 8 versions of the Apple Watch Edition available, including:

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport with 18-Carot Rose Gold watch with White Sport Band costs £8,000

Which version will you buy? Take the survey.Apple-Watch-Straps


Why am I paying so much?

Of course this title could be said about any Apple product as their products do not come cheap and this is the appeal to many of it’s customers, but there is a specific reason as to why Apple as charging a good sum for this new step in their product range. The metals that are featured with this watch have also been altered and mastered by the company making them stronger and flaw-free. The aliminum used by the company for the Apple Watch Sport has been altered to be 60% stronger and more durable than standard alloys and the company have even claimed that it will be just as light. Also the stainless steel used to make the cases is now a huge 80% harder through, according to Apple, a specialized cold-forging process. And then there is the gold used which you can see the production process in Apple’s Gold video. And of course there is then the straps which also contribute to the ranges in price. So why so many different styles? (Around 35 to be more specific). Well here is what Jony Ive had to say about that.

“One of the biggest challenges that we found was that we couldn’t all be sitting there wearing the same thing. I don’t think we want to wear the same thing,” said Jony Ive in an interview at the London Design Museum, talking about Apple’s decision to make the design of the Apple Watch so customisable. “Which is why we developed this system, not a single product.”

“It is a flexible system, so hopefully it will be appealing, but there’s still a very singluar idea,” Ive said during the presention back in September 2014, adding: “We’re not just throwing a whole bunch of ideas against the wall to see which one sticks… like some people.”

It’s not usual for Apple to release such a wide range so it will be interesting to see how their customers react to the wide variety but being such a huge company I doubt they’ll lack in sales.

Time accuracy.

Although this watch can do many things at the end of the day your main use will be to check the time, so, how accurate is the Apple Watch at keeping time? The Apple Watch has been said to keep time within 50 milliseconds of UTC, the universal time standard, but this accuracy will not last unless your Apple Watch has a regular sync with your iPhone which isn’t too much to ask.

Battery life and charging.

The Apple Watch battery life isn’t one to disappoint.  Apple says that testing was “conducted by Apple in March 2015 using preproduction Apple Watch and software paired with an iPhone using preproduction software.” Here’s a list of the different features and their battery life:

All-day battery life – Up to 18 hours.Watch 3

TalkTime Test – Up to 3 hours.

Audio Playback Test – Up to 6.5 hours.

Workout Test – Up to 7 hours.

Watch Test – Up to 48 hours.

Power Reserve – Up to 72 hours.

Obviously manufactures are known to slightly exaggerate on their battery life estimates so taking it with a pinch of salt may not be a bad idea. The battery life also varies depending on the size of model which will of course have a different size battery as Apple have said on their website “Apple Watch battery performance claims are based on test results from the 38mm Apple Watch. A 42mm Apple Watch typically experiences longer battery life.” But looking at Apple’s claims of battery life is definitely a good estimate to go by. For Apple’s battery life list click here.

The battery is also replaceable, so if you’re having any issues with your battery it can easily be corrected, although Apple have not put a price on this repair as of yet.

As for charging Apple claim that your watch will be at 80% within 1.5 hours and also up to 100% within a 2.5 hour charge.  The charger is a magnetic plate that clips onto your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Magneting Charging Cable comes in 1m or 2m in length for £25.00 and £29.00 with free delivery.

Using your Apple iWatch.

In order to link up your Apple Watch you will have to have an iPhone from the 5G and upwards and also you will have to be running iOS 8.2. The 8.2 update comes with an app specifically for the Apple Watch. The app sidekick lets you set up the Apple watch and choose which notifications you would like to receive. This can be handy when avoiding notifications from games, spam emails and other annoyances that would drain your watches battery.

You can also customize the face of your Apple Watch clock by force pressing the screen and swiping until you find a design that suits you best.

The primary feature of your Apple Watch is the ability to answer calls through it although not everyone likes the talking into your wrist look this is definitely a feature that all wearables need. You can also receive and answer text messages using Apple’s template text and also by sending a location as well as emojis and voice messages.

Although the Apple Watch does not have a camera you can use it as a remote for your iPhone camera viewing what your iPhone sees, snapping a photo or setting a timer for those who like their photos just perfect. This may not be the most appealing feature but its a nice compliment to integrating your Watch to your iPhone.

You can also play music from your phone without having to reach into your pocket. There are so many more built in apps included with you Apple Watch theses include:

  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • CalenderWatch Edition 4
  • Activity
  • Workout
  • Maps
  • Passbook
  • Siri
  • Music
  • Camera Remote
  • Remote
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Photos
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • World clock
  • Settings


There are also apps from the App Store available these include:

  • ESPN
  • Mint Person Finance
  • Pacemaker DJ
  • Expedia
  • PlayKids
  • NYTimes
  • Shazam
  • Ebay
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Nike+ Running

There are so many more things we could say about the Apple Watch’s hardware but for now we’ll leave this for those who would like to use this as a buying guide and to see what Apple’s new gadget really offers the everyday user.

Source(s): Macworld, TheNextWeb, Apple

iWatch to be shipped in April!

Apple’s CEO, Tom Cook, says that the Apple Watch will be ready to ship to customers in April.

The release is slightly later than anticipated as Apple are willing to delay the release for as long as it takes for the gadget to meet performance expectations.

Word has yet to be confirmed as to if Canada will be a launch market just yet.

The Apple Watch itself is a handy little 42mm stainless steel accessory. It is able to keep in conjunction with your Apple device within the timespan of 50 milliseconds. When receiving notifications, such as life events and alerts, you will feel a gentle tap on your skin. The Watch sends notifications of life events and alerts relevant to your schedule. It is also a great fitness buddy, keeping you up to date with your fitness and making note of the exercise you have succeeded to do. Lastly, it is a wallet without using an actual wallet, plenty of locations in the U.S use ApplePay, and there are many more locations to come.