Google’s AdSense ‘Mute Ad’ now comes with a mini survey!


We have all become familiar with the Google AdSense box’s on sites such as YouTube. To put it simply Google AdSense is a box with an advertisement in it. If you don’t want to see the ad that google has displayed you can click the ‘mute’ button to get rid of it. Using this feature doesn’t necessarily mean that the ad will go away as it’s usually replaced with a new one but it gives Google a ‘sense’ of what you would like to be displayed and what you would not like to be displayed which improves the development of the new Web 3.0 and increases the user interface.

The ads are usually ones from previous sites you have visited or something along those lines so that the ads can suit you best rather than having random advertisements that aren’t going to be helpful.

Well Google have now announced that when you mute an ad it is now followed with a small survey so that Google and advertisers can know why you didn’t like the ad and what they can do to improve your experience. The ad may then close up and then the page you will fill in the blanks with the rest of the page features.

Google’s implementing user experience specially for online consumers that constantly go on sites like eBay and Amazon, we’ll no longer need to specify our searches with the new features that are being offered.