New Smartphone batteries to charge within 2 minutes?

How many times a day have you wished that your phone battery was better? How many times have you wished that it didn’t take hours for a full charge? Well it looks as though StoreDot may have the answer for you.

The company have re-built battery technology from scratch and have come up with a battery that can charge within 2 minutes! Now that’s what this era of smartphones has been calling for.

Many manufactures care more about the display or the specs without thinking about the battery. Of course these qualities are very important to phone/tech enthusiasts but for the everyday smartphone user they don’t care as much about the qualities they care about the price, the popularity and how long the battery lasts so this battery could shape the future of the phone battery world.

Of course the battery doesn’t last as long as the average smartphone battery but the battery can run for 5 hours on a two minute charge. Now that’s impressive.

According to the company the original batteries were bulky but the latest battery will add no extra bulk to your phone the company claims.

The battery was shown at the CES 2015 show in a Samsung phone that was sat in a small dock.

Of course the ideal battery would be one that last longer and charges quicker and hopefully with this breakthrough we may see a battery that can charge fast and last long in the upcoming years. From what we’ve seen it doesn’t look like there’s anything in technology’s way when it comes to developing for the better so it will be exciting to see what StoreDot could do with this. There are already phone manufactures from around the world looking to buy or license this technology so with a growing demand and interest in these batteries who knows what we’ll see?