Pokémon Go gets over 100 million downloads

Other popular applications such as Candy Crush got this figure after 112 days of release

pokemoon go phone asylum

It goes on and on. The phenomenon of the moment on mobile devices continues, at least for now. The Pokémon video game with a sense of reality has exceeded one hundred million downloads worldwide on it’s first month of release in just a few countries (so far).

According to analyst firm App Annie, the app of Nintendo and developed by Niantic  continues to gain adherents and its spread continues to rise despite the slow the number of daily facilities. The data suggest that the strip has exceeded one hundred million installations on mobile devices based on iOS and Android operating systems from this past weekend. At the end of July the figure was around 75 million downloads.

However, Pokémon GO, whose objective is to catch virtual creatures through the device, continues to break records. In just 19 days, the 50 million downloads on Android, most widespread mobile platform in the world with 86% market shares were achieved according to various reports. Applications that had the fastest reached 50 million downloads are Colour Switch and Slither apps which took 77 and 81 days to do so, according to the firm Sensor Tower. Other popular applications such as Candy Crush managed this figure after 112 days of its release.

Is estimated that Pokemon Go currently generates about 10 million dollars in revenue. Experts believe that its rapid adoption is, in turn, have a positive impact on the economy in general applications. Emphasises that the arrival of this application to the market has not hurt the income of other mobile games like Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush Saga. However, experts believe that long-term impact of this application will encourage developers to try to bring new experiences based on augmented reality technology.