Gamescom 2016: What to expect from the largest video game trade show in Europe

With the absence of conferences and shortage of news, the German showcase focuses on the players.


Virtual reality, perhaps more details on future consoles and, specially many many titles will be the main attractions for the next edition of the Gamescom trade fair, held from the 17th til the 21st in Cologne (Germany), the most important event for European video games.

Although distributors and main developers of the electronic entertainment industry devoted more attention to the Los Angeles event, E3, the German showcase has become a must for the latest developments in this sector that prepares the arrival of new platforms for the coming months sponsored by mainly the interest taken by the technology on virtual reality.

Apparently, this time with the absence of conferences, including Microsoft, have lowered expectations and an event with little news is expected. Most video games have already been presented previously.

However, numerous video games will come to light with the chance of playing multiple of them. Although, as we mentioned above, companies like Microsoft will not held their own conference presentation but definitely will be present with its catalogue of games and introducing “Gears of War 4”, the new instalment of the revolutionary shooter in third person who aspires to strengthen the sells for it’s XBOX in October.

They will be other proposals as “Forza Horizon 3” where driving will join this transverse vision of the company to allow the game from Windows 10 and Xbox One. “Recore” and “Sea of Thieves”, two unique games will also be available in the coming days. Sony, have the presence of “The Last Guardian”, “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Gran Turismo Sport” in addition to the usual and staging PlayStation VR, their new virtual reality helmet which by the way will be filled with interesting games.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, will attend the European fair with individual somewhat anticipated games, “Watch Dogs 2” and “Ghost Recon Wildlands”, along with “South Park: the Fractured but whole”, inspired by the irreverent TV series, and even a projection of scenes featuring Assassin’s Creed. What about virtual reality? Businesses increasingly are joining this trend with various advertisements and it is expected that Ubisoft will unveil a project called “Star Trek: Bridge Crew.”

Another that adds to this long-awaited technology is Warner will the new trailer for “Batman Arkham VR” compatible with the PlayStation VR system which will arrive later this year, and that will allow players to get into the skin of the Dark Knight and explore the always dark Gotham. It will be available on October 4.

2K come with fresh material that will be released after the summer, “Mafia III” for example the new instalment in the saga of open world inspired by organised crime, or “NBA 2K17” possibly the best simulation of the sport to date. “WWE 2K17” or “Civilization VI” are other cartridges in their arsenal of games for this season.


Pokémon Go gets over 100 million downloads

Other popular applications such as Candy Crush got this figure after 112 days of release

pokemoon go phone asylum

It goes on and on. The phenomenon of the moment on mobile devices continues, at least for now. The Pokémon video game with a sense of reality has exceeded one hundred million downloads worldwide on it’s first month of release in just a few countries (so far).

According to analyst firm App Annie, the app of Nintendo and developed by Niantic  continues to gain adherents and its spread continues to rise despite the slow the number of daily facilities. The data suggest that the strip has exceeded one hundred million installations on mobile devices based on iOS and Android operating systems from this past weekend. At the end of July the figure was around 75 million downloads.

However, Pokémon GO, whose objective is to catch virtual creatures through the device, continues to break records. In just 19 days, the 50 million downloads on Android, most widespread mobile platform in the world with 86% market shares were achieved according to various reports. Applications that had the fastest reached 50 million downloads are Colour Switch and Slither apps which took 77 and 81 days to do so, according to the firm Sensor Tower. Other popular applications such as Candy Crush managed this figure after 112 days of its release.

Is estimated that Pokemon Go currently generates about 10 million dollars in revenue. Experts believe that its rapid adoption is, in turn, have a positive impact on the economy in general applications. Emphasises that the arrival of this application to the market has not hurt the income of other mobile games like Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush Saga. However, experts believe that long-term impact of this application will encourage developers to try to bring new experiences based on augmented reality technology.

Solidarityapp, an app to donate to social causes.

Each time the user tries or downloads an application or free game shown in the tool, the company will donate a small financial sum to the solidarity or campaign the user will be given to choose.


Applications can also be supportive. A startup has launched Solidarity App, an application that allows users to donate to the initiative they like and be generous. Each time the user tries or downloads an application or free game shown in the tool, the company will donate a small financial sum to the solidarity campaign that the user will previously choose.

No secrets. The operation is simple. Developers are investing in advertising campaigns around the world to introduce users to their new apps and games. These projects are exposed in the tool and whenever you decide to download developers pay to the company, which donates 90% to the charitable cause chosen by you.

Available for iOS and Android operating systems today, users can support UNHCR in refugee advocacy, SOS Dolphins or Manos Unidas, among others. “The goal is to democratise the micro-grants, allowing anyone with a mobile to help causes that generate a positive impact in our society,” Martin Morillo said in a statement, founder of Solidarity App.

Pokémon Go or how to make £1.3 million every day on iOS

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. Although it is free, it allows shopping for the player to advance into the popular Nintendo game.


Pokémon Go is a full business. Nintendo has been successful with the launch of this free game on iOS and Android. Users have become “crazy”. Both are generating only in the Apple operating system, 1.6 million dollars a day (£1.2 million, approximately).

As published by Quartz and based on data provided by the specialised app analytics company Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go is still the best feat of Nintendo. Despite being a free game, yes it is possible to make purchases within the application. For example, the player needs to get coins in order to buy more items like Poke-balls and go forward in the game. Only in the US, users are spending 1.6 million dollars each day. A fact that in Android, is so far unknown.

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. “Only 5% of people shopping within the application but those who make them pay an average of $9.60” explains Quartz. It is recalled that, traditionally, iOS users are more willing to pay for gaming applications. In fact, the average expenditure is at $15.34 per month, compared with $7.31 dollars a month paid by users on Android.

Since the release of Pokémon Go in the US, Australia and New Zealand last 6th of July, the game has managed to make history in the App Store. “Four and a half hours after launch, was ranked # 1 as the most downloaded free app in the US, a record for game titles,” recalls the publication.

In fact, Pokémon Go has exceeded by far Clash Royale, the game that had so far been a success.