Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t feel safe online

A small detail does not go unnoticed after seeing the image published by the owner of Facebook to celebrate 500 million followers on Instagram.

Security experts say that no device is 100% secure. And that fear is common among users of new technologies, even someone like Mark Zuckerberg, uswer which we would assume features the best tools to digitally protect his devices, but with webcam calls being potentially “hackable” private conversations and photographs can be exposed.

To commemorate the 500 million users of Instagram, Facebook founder and owner of this network of photography published a picture of him in his profile. The sympathetic picture went around the world, and way too many users did not let out a small detail: his laptop, on his desktop office was covered with tape on the place of the webcam. Paranoia? ¿Urban Legend? Reality? The truth is that last year alone, Facebook invested more than 10 million pounds in security measures.

Zuckerberg, often expresses misgivings about computer security and real paranoia of being “hacked”, although recently a group of cybercriminals gained access to some of his private online services such as Twitter or Pinterest because reportedly his passwords was “dadada”, a combination clearly too weak. However, its business position (one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs) Zuckerberg, 31, shows once again how to take precautions.

This is a homemade way to plug the camera and prevent a possible cyber criminal from taking control of it and, on the other hand, the image can also be seen using duct tape to obstruct the microphone input located in the left side of the device.

Thanks to specific remote access tools, cybercriminals can interact with the victim: display messages on the screen, open a website, delete the toolbar, open the CD and endless amount of stuff. The confusion of the victim when the computer behaves strangely amuses PC and Laptop repairers.

According to company sources like Kaspersky, who believe that hackers tend to collect images of the victims without them knowing they’re being recorded and depending on the content the hacker can publish images or commit a bigger crime.

Acer gets hacked and group steals more than 34,000 customer bank details

A group of hackes have been provided with the name, addresses, card numbers, expiration dates and security numbers of citizens of Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States.


There is already another victim of hackers. This time it is the turn of Acer. The Taiwanese company has acknowledged the attack of a group of “hackers” who have managed to steal data from more than 34,000 credit card customers.

“We have recently identified a safety issue,” says the company in a letter that says that those who have made purchases through its website any product between May 12, 2015 and April 28, 2016 are in danger.

The stealing in the company store occurred between those dates. Hackers have taken the names, addresses, card numbers, expiration dates and security numbers finding more than 34,000 customers in Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States, as reported by the California Attorney General.

“Protecting your personal information is important to us. Take immediate steps to remedy the safety measures,” says the company stating regrets of what happened and is working with cyber-security experts to address the problem.

“If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, you have the right to file a police report and communicate with the office of the Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission in the US to find out what steps you can take to protect against identity theft” says Acer in the statement. And it is that the data of customers affected that could be sold and could be used in cases of impersonation.

Acer also advises customers to control their bank transactions without revealing how it happened or what was the mistake, but has announced that it is investigating.