Apple’s sales exceed expectations

Apple are soon to be releasing their quarterly earnings but UBS seems to have an idea of how much the tech giant has taken in this quarter expecting Apple to report $68 billion, an impressive increase of more than $10 billion in comparison to last year’s $57.6 billion. Now this is an extremely impressive taking for any company in any industry and begs the question of how many iPhone’s Apple have sold over the Christmas period.
Spectators have claimed that the company have sold 69.3 million units of the 4 iPhone generations combined. This tops Wall Streets consensus of 65.5 million units in a three months period.
This would mean a 36% increase year over year for Apple because if these figures are true this means that Apple would have sold 18.3 million more iPhone’s than last Christmas quarter when 51 million iPhone’s were shipped to consumers.
So it’s looking like it could be a record breaking year for Apple. Who knows?


Source: BGR