The “secret” incompatibility Apple did not disclose between the new MacBook Pro and the iPhone 7

The new range of professional notebooks have only normal USB connectivity via Thunderbolt 3 USB-C type, while the popular phone uses standard USB.


Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro, its range of portable devices whose main innovations are two: Touch Bar, a touch bar at top of the keyboard, which will be fully customisable; and fingerprint reader Touch ID which users can use to make purchases via Apple Pay.

The company insisted that it is the best ever designed MacBook Pro, the most advanced laptop in Apple’s history. Phrases also heard during the presentation of the iPhone in July, its last terminal. Tim Cook said last September 7: “It is the best phone we’ve ever created.” However, the “two best creations” of Cupertino keep each other incompatible which by the way Apple preferred to ignore during the presentation.

The “problem” is that users can not connect the iPhone 7 to the new MacBook Pro. There is a tiny incompatibility between ports. This is not an overseen by Apple, who have already released two new cables because why not?

The new range of MacBook Pro feature only Thunderbolt connectivity 3 USB-C type whilst the iPhone 7 USB charging connection “normal”, so if you need to connect the terminal to the new laptop to transfer files, for example, will be impossible unless you buy the new cable.

For this reason, Apple has already put up for sale on their website USB adaptor USB-C, priced at £22, or the user can also purchase a Lightning connector cable to USB-C, priced at £35. Another option is the Thunderbolt adaptor 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2, £50 to connect Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 devices to the NewMacBook Pro.

Apple has decided to phase out this type of ‘old’ port. This has been done in the new Macbook but did not do it on the iPhone 7. The fact is now that Thunderbolt requires users to “readjust” without a previous warn.

The new MacBook Pro introduces Touch Bar, a secondary display with Multi-Touch

The Cupertino giants have presented this Thursday the new range of professional notebooks, much thinner and lighter, with a fingerprint reader Touch ID to make purchases with Apple Pay, and a larger “trackpad”.


In the end Apple has not surprised. We knew a lot about the new MacBook Pro. Details that these days had been leaking and, in the end, were well under way.

The new laptop debuts with Touch Bar, a keyboard with a faster response, Force Touch and an audio system with twice the dynamic range.

The new MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest in the history of the company, which has been very proud of their new creation that incorporates a revolutionary interface in which the traditional row of function keys disappear and gives way to the Touch bar, a bright Multi-Touch Retina with better quality, brighter and a more colourful screen. But not only that: it is the most powerful Apple device, with dual- and quad-core sixth generation, up to 2.3 times more graphical powerful than the previous generation, ultra-fast SSDs and up to four 3-port Thunderbolts.

The Touch Bar offers users more control options and adapts depending on whether you are using the system or applications. For example, it serves to show the tabs and bookmarks in Safari, access to “emoji” in messages, edit images in the blink of an eye or move back and forth on videos and photos.

“This week we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Apple portable and, over the years, each generation has incorporated new innovations and benefits”, said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Apple. “So nothing better than this year to introduce a new generation of MacBook Pro. With the revolutionary Touch Bar, comfort system Touch ID, the best screen in the history of Mac, spectacular performance, upgraded audio system, ultra-fast storage and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity in a portable Pro also thinner and lighter than never”.


The new MacBook Pro combines a completely redesigned look with a full metal ‘unibody’ housing structure, which results in an incredibly robust and compact portable, yet thin and light. With a thickness of only 14.9 mm, the MacBook Pro 13-inch is 17% thinner and 23% more compact than the previous generation model. In addition, it weighs only 1.36 kg, 200 grams less.

The 15-inch with a thickness of only 15.5 mm, is 14% thinner and 20% more compact than the previous version, with a total weight of only 1.8 kg, it weighs about 200 grams less.

The Touch ID system was well known, so far by users of iPhone and iPad, but is now integrated into the power button. Once you register your fingerprint Touch ID on your MacBook Pro, you can unlock your Mac, change user account and make secure purchases with Apple Pay online by simply moving a finger.

The MacBook Pro mounts a powerful processor, next-generation graphics, a SSD ultra-fast, high-speed memory and an advanced thermal architecture to deliver professional quality performance.

Intel Core i5 dual-core eDRAM sixth generation, Intel Core i7 dual-core Intel Core i7 eDRAM and quad-core processors deliver power, professional and efficient consumption. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro includes Radeon Pro up to 2.3 times more powerful than the previous generation, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro includes an Intel Iris Graphics system up to twice as fast as before. All models incorporate SSDs with speeds over 3Gbps and connectivity Thunderbolt 3, which combines data transfer, sequential read and up to twice the bandwidth of video on a single port, allowing users to work with a 5K screen and connect their MacBook Pro to the power with a single cable.

Sierra works with macOS, Touch Force has Trackpad, a much larger keyboard and more responsive, more powerful and realistic sound, thanks to speakers with twice the dynamic range and an enhanced bass.


The iPhone 7 could be presented on the 7th of September

Foxconn and Apple, according to the latest leaks, are developing a glass casing in order to boost the demand for the new terminals.


No day passes in which we don’t get new rumours about the new iPhone that Apple has designed and, as everyone assumes, will be presented in a few weeks. And as we know every September, the Cupertino company present their new products.

According to “Bloomberg” Tim Cook has picked the 7th of September to present the iPhone 7. Although, according to journalist Mark Gurman, they will also be also announcing a new MacBook.

The successor to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus could come to the market with a completely new design, breaking the previous expectations. In fact, Apple lacks when it comes to innovation in design and it clearly has been one of the biggest criticisms that the company has received in recent years.

New online rumours suggest that the new terminal Apple has prepared and will present in a few weeks will surprise everyone. It should be recalled also that it’s the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone and Cook would like to celebrate in some special way.

Apparently, Foxconn and Apple are developing a crystal case for their smartphones in order to boost demand for iPhones and become able to face competition, especially Samsung. Let’s not forget that after 13 years, Apple has ended their streak of economic growth as a result of the decline in iPhone sales. They need to reinvent itself.

However, Mark Gurman has said the opposite in another interview on “Bloomberg”. “Models this year will be similar” although “there will be notable tweaks”. The new iPhones hit the market at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, as before, and will have a “hardware” and improved photographic capabilities.

“The outstanding features will be in the double chamber,” says Gurman, which also confirms the elimination of the headphone jack port.

The new iPhone could incorporate a type system similar to the trackpad of the new MacBook.

By the way, an Apple expert had called “revolution” to what the company has done to their new computers. It’s been four years since Apple last renewed their MacBook Pro. According to Gurman, the devices will be much thinner, with a slight design change (curved chassis), larger trackpad with USB-C ports, improvements to the specifications like graphics and an OLED panel.

Google mocks Apple in new promotional video

Google accuses their biggest competitor, Apple of having little space to store photos and videos


Google didn’t forget about their great competitor when promoting “Google Photos”, a new application that allows you to store a lot of images in the “cloud”. Through a video, the US company has mocked the little storage space of Apple and its iPhone.

In the pictures you can see how the lack of space the company offers spoils the great moments of its users, who are left without their family gatherings or sporting activities, all with a pop-up of an identical box that Apple devices show when the memory is full.

Google Photos allows you to store and organise all the pictures taken from mobile, which are uploaded to the cloud automatically. It also allows up to 3.23 GB of information.

You can watch the promo here.

Tim Cook: “The US Government is asking Apple to hack our own users”

The company CEO Tim Cook responds with a refusal to the request by the FBI to access the iPhone device of one of the perpetrators of the shooting in San Bernardino.


Privileged access to the lives of people. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has responded with a negative to the request of the FBI to access the iPhone used allegedly by one of the authors of the shooting in San Bernardino (California), Syed Farook, who killed 14 people in early December. “The US government has asked us something that we simply can not do and is something we consider too dangerous.”

The head of the American firm has said that Apple will not build a “back door” to access personal data on iPhones. In a letter to customers, Cook has opposed the request federal judge Sheri Pym, who demanded the company on Tuesday to assist the US Government to infiltrate a terminal by using software that allows the FBI to break the encryption system and existing security on the iPhone.

“The US government has demanded that Apple give an unprecedented step that threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications that go beyond the legal case” stated in the letter. “We were shocked and outraged by the attack in San Bernardino. We regret the death of many people and we want justice for those whose lives have been affected. The FBI asked us to help days after the attack and have worked hard to help the government solve this horrible crime. We have no sympathy for terrorists” he says.

“We have great respect for professionals in the FBI and we believe their intentions are good. At this point, we have done everything in our power within the law to help them. But now, the US government has asked us something that we simply can not do and is something we consider too dangerous. We have been asked to build a backdoor for the iPhone. The US Government is asking Apple to hack our own users”.

“Specifically, the FBI wants to have a new version of the iPhone operating system, featuring several important security features and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. This software does not exist today but would have the potential to unlock any iPhone” he says.

“Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. People use them to store large amounts of personal information, from private conversations to photos, music, notes, and contacts” Tim Cook said that no matter where we’ve been or were we are going all user data must remain protected.

iPhone 7: will this be the new Apple phone?

According to “Wall Street Journal”, the new iPhone will be almost the same as its predecessor, filtered images and videos about the new model that Tim Cook will present keep leaking and opening speculation. 


Speculation about the iPhone 7 will not cease. Such is the anticipation of the new “surprise” that keeps Apple with suspicion (as always), that leaks occur every day.

One of the most recent came from a Chinese web with what seems to be a prototype of the new Apple device.


The new smartphone would be larger. And, according to leaks, it seems to be true that in Cupertino they  have decided to remove the connector for headphones. This port 3.5 mm and the story could happen in September, date on which Apple would present it’s new creation for the wireless connection.

This connector space would be used for a second speaker while the terminal will also have a larger camera on the back.

It remains unclear,  if there will be two versions (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) of different sizes (4.7 “and 5.5”). However, recent pictures leaked by Chinese website “Weibo” indicate that there could actually be three…


The ‘worst’ is that the iPhone 7 will be almost the same as its predecessor. At least that is what ensures “Wall Street Journal”. Tim Cook apparently follows the same line not innovate too much.

And more bad news considering that Apple is not going through its best in terms of sales. Last year was the first in which the Cupertino sales fell on iPhones, its flagship product (generating 63% of company revenues) since 2003. Seems like the competition from Android terminals of low cost and the slowing of the Chinese economy took advantage on the company.

Apple ignores the 16GB model for the next iPhone 7

The American company will come up with new versions of its flagship device, according to “The Wall Street Journal”


Continued interest in knowing the possible details and characteristics of the next model of iPhone, presumably called iPhone 7 if the trend continues. No official confirmation from Apple, new leaks suggest that the American company has decided to throw away the version of 16 GB of internal memory.

Instead, as revealed by the “The Wall Street Journal”, the American company will start with an entry model of 32 GB as a result of the strong demand for more capacity in the mobile phones and after the controversy over the latest iPhone 16GB whose users have complained numerous times of habitual lack of space. Moreover, it has been rumoured that the most expensive version will reach 256 GB of memory, a significant jump compared to its rivals.

This 32GB will eb the first product on the catalogue after Apple’s decision to remove the current version of the iPhone, the iPhone 6S. Maintaining the 16GB version as entry model has sparked a debate among users of the brand, which many of them consider Apple’s strategy for higher income in exchange for more space. Regarding the possible iPhone 7, the technology giant could incorporate a dual camera or could come without the 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

Another aspect that most are speculating is related to their internal characteristics. There has been some talks in recent weeks that the next iPhone 7, which will be presented in September if the forecasts are met, will double its RAM from the current 2 GB, but this is a fact that Apple does not usually communicate during product presentations anyway.

iOS 10: The new features on Apple’s operating system

Users will not have this new version until autumn but then they can start experimenting the new shortcuts, the new features of Maps or the possibility of having “collages” created automatically with their favorite photos. All with the maximum security and privacy.


Apple introduced iOS 10, the biggest upgrade for the operating system for its iPhones on Monday. Many applauses were heard in the hall of the auditorium Bill Graham of San Francisco, where the WWDC 2016 was held, when Craig Federigh, vice president of the company, confirmed what many already knew: an operating system. Collaborative notes or email conversation mode are other options that iOS 10 will allow its users. At the moment, we analyse the functions they revealed themselves.

Before we start, we must remember that the iOS beta 10 is now available for developers only. Not until autumn (like other developments announced) when users have the new operating system.

The software update will be free for iPhone 5 and later; all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and sixth-generation iPod Touch. What about the other users? Apple invited them, although not clearly, to renew their terminals.

The “Raise to Wake” function automatically activates the screen when you lift the iPhone to allow the user to view all notifications at a glance from the lock screen. In addition, notifications, the Today view and the Control Centre can be opened by simply touching or sliding your finger, while integration with the 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offers more possibilities for interaction with the apps. It is the time of “widgets”.

Apple will renew the messaging app to compete against WhatsApp. It is more expressive and dynamic which takes into account the role of emojis. The Tapback function to respond easily with a single touch, and the ability to add rich content to view and play media files without leaving the conversation.

Apple’s virtual assistant goes further. Siri is known for being an artificial intelligence itself. Now it is able to integrate into applications because the company has decided to open to developers. Sirikit helps professionals integrate their “apps” with Siri to send messages, make calls, browse photos, book trips, make payments, designing workouts or control “apps” on carplay, like adjust the air conditioning or radio station.

iOS 10, the new version of Maps is visually more appealing and easier to use. With access to developers through new extensions like OpenTable which can integrate their functions to maps and services like Uber and Lyft to allow users to book a trip without leaving the app.

The new version of Maps is even smarter, with the addition of a new technology that predicts the next destination and provides driving directions depending on their routines or calendar appointments. And once planned, Maps will search along the way places like petrol stations, restaurants or pubs and calculates how they can influence the stops on the overall journey.

Nowadays we live by and for pictures, either in the form of photography or video. In iOS 10 our photos are automatically grouped all those moments captured thanks to the “Memories” function, which analyses all the photos and videos in search of moments, travel and favourites. It also includes a video memory automatically edited with music, titles and transitions in a cinematic style.

Smart home
The Home application allows you to configure, manage and control home systems: up shutters, garage door open …. The accessories can be controlled individually or grouped into scenes, to give orders with a single command and through Siri. They can be managed remotely or automated with Apple TV, as well as by automatic triggers set by time, place or action.

Apple Music
Apple Music comes with a new design and has been equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. Apple had to make a move because it has 15 million paying users. The Library, For you, Navigation and Radio sections have been redesigned to help users position their music better, while a search option makes it easier to find music.

This is the new iOS application, organised in different sections that make finding news, show notifications for breaking news and of cousre a paid subscriptions section.

Cupertino said they have 60 million active users each month that visit Apple News. They need to expand content and reach, subscriptions.

Security and privacy are two of the pillars of the hardware design, software and services that Apple offer. Federighi said that the new iOS 10 includes encryption end-to-end in their applications. “We do not compromise the profiles of our users,” he recalled.

iMessage, FaceTime and HomeKit apply for a full data encryption, so that neither Apple nor anyone else can read. iOS 10 uses smart technology devices to identify people, objects and scenes in photos and to give suggestions in QuickType. Services like Siri, Maps and News send data to Apple’s servers, but the data is not used to develop user profiles.

iOS 10 will start using the “Differential Privacy” technology, which helps detect patterns of use of a large number of users without invading their privacy.


Apple Pay finally available in the UK!

Apple-Pay-phoneasylumThe payment option for Apple phones has tarted migrating outside the boundaries of North America, landing in the UK.

Apple Pay can officially be used by consumers in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and so far there are more than 250,000 businesses accepting this service, these can be found in detail by clicking here.

In this way the evolution of the cellphone payment crossed the pond and allow payment cards like VISA, Master Card, American Express and others belonging to HSBC, NatWest, First Direct, Bank of Scotland, among others.

Finally, it is believed that the following countries to accept payments on Apple Pay will be Canada and China in late 2015.

The most accurate iPhone 6 copies in the market.

With Apple leading the smartphone market with their most recent devices: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, we were not expecting less than a numerous amount of copies by different makes that try to stay popular by adopting the design and the iPhone’s IU.

We can spend a lifetime on the internet trying to list all these copycats with pictures and videos of them performing as what cool pass as an iPhone but we don’t wanna bore you so let’s do the top 3 most accurate iPhone 6 replicas in the market.

1. Goophone i6S 

With a price that goes from £65 to £105 the Goophone i6S is the most accurate iPhone 6 copy that we’ve come across. The Goophone I6S is carefully made, so similar that at first we thought they were using pictures from the origina iPhone 6. Then, when you look closer you can see that there’s no logo on the back cover, nothing a case can’t solve. Specs-wise, the Goophone i6S features a 4.7-inch IPS display with a disappointing resolution: 480 x 854 pixels, 4GB of internal storage, and a 1,800mAh non removable battery. The camera is 5MP but don’t expect the pictures to look as if you took them with an Apple iPhone 6. The device comes with a dual-core chipset (just like the iPhone), either the very well known MediaTek MT6572 or the MT6582 chipset.

Goophone-I6S Asylum

Goophone-I6S phoneasylum

2. Blackview Ultra A6

We need to start by saying that there’s no mute-vibrator toggle on the (sadly) plasticky Ultra A6 which immediatly gives away the fact that it’s not an iPhone 6, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hide it with a good case, install an iOS like Android launcher and we are certain most people won’t know you have a clone of the iPhone 6. Yeah, the home button looks a bit strange too if you stop to look at it. The Blackview Ultra A6 features a 4.7” 720p display, a 1.3GHz quad-core MT6582 processor, an improved 1GB of RAM in comparisson to the previous device and a 8MP rear camera as well as a 2MP selfie (front) one, a removable 2,200mAh battery, 8GB of internal memory with a microSD card slot, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Price wise, you’re looking at £65.00 – £70.00



3. Dakele Big Cola 3

The official price for this device is £114.22, with the purchase of a good iPhone 6 case to hide the fact that the Big Cola 3 has no logo in the back you could easily convince most people that you don’t own an Apple device but the lack of a mute-vibrator toggle on the left side of the device and the complementary, very useful slot for a microSD card are among the most important differences. Underneath, the Dakele Big Cola 3 hosts some respectable specs, which are nothing like the specs inside Apple’s iPhone 6. It comes with a 5″, 1080p display panel at the front, which is covered with sapphire glass (according to some reports). This phone comes with Android powered by a 64-bit, octa-core MediaTek MT6752 chipset, with 3GB of RAM. We count with a 16Gb internal storage, which supports up to 128Gb external memory.

Dakele-Big-Cola-3 PhoneAsylum


We are not exactly sure about the full time performances of these devices but these feature some specs of real Samsung phones that are (nothing compared to the latest Galaxy Note 4 or S5 even) running in the market so we would expect a decent Android performance with the looks of an iPhone at a very nice price.