Is the iPod Shuffle on its way out?

There has been a shortage on iPod Shuffle’ lately as consumers haven’t been able to get their hands on them. Could this be the end of the Shuffle era? Spectators think so as the iPod Classic left the stalls slowly and quietly.
Well lucky for the consumers the shortage of the iPod Shuffle is due to a change in suppliers and it should hopefully be resolved in the upcoming weeks.
With this in mind though when will the iPod Shuffle reach the end of the line?
After all the cheap music player has been around for 10 years after its launch in the Macworld Expo of January 2005.
In September 2010 it encorporated the clip design which targeted gym goers and others that would find the clip convenient in their everyday lives but with just 2gb storage and no display how much demand could their be for the Shuffle? I guess we’ll have to find out.

Source: Apple Insider