Facebook presents Workplace, the social platform for companies.

The company has announced the launch of this new service, independent of the popular social network, which has worked for a year in tests under the name of Facebook at Work.


Facebook just announced the launch of its social platform for companies, Workplace, which has worked for a year in tests under the name of Facebook at Work and it has already kicked off with thousand customers.

Workplace by Facebook is a kind of professional version of the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg that aims to contact all employees of a company or organisation through the phone sites.

“On Facebook, for many years, we have had an internal version of our ‘app’ to manage our company. We have seen that in the same way Facebook can be connected with friends and family, it can also be connected with your coworkers” the company explained the company in a note circulated.

Of the more than 1,000 organizations worldwide that use Workplace, people have created nearly 100,000 groups and the main countries where it is used are India, United States, Norway, United Kingdom and France, whose reception has been very good.  For this reason, Workplace will be available to any company or organization that wants to use it.

The platform “has the ambition to change the way of working for businesses, to give voice to everyone, to offer all employees, even those who until now did not have an email, the same communication tools are using in their private life”, Facebook explained to Efe.

The service is independent of Facebook, but works similar: features a wall, chat, live broadcasts (Facebook Live), groups, automatic translations or voice and video over IP.

Integrated into the technological system of each company, employees can access the platform via iOS, Android or a browser.

Codorniou said that the service is easy to use, requires no training and improves business productivity by making internal communication easier.

The company has worked for two years in the development of the platform, which aims to “connect via mobile phone to all employees of a company regardless of their position of responsibility, and tested with real customers in the past year, which he worked with under the name of Facebook at Work.

Service prices will be set according to the number of employees of organisations: $3 per month for companies up to a thousand employees, $2 for between 1,001 and 10,000 and $1 per user templates for more than 10,000 professionals. The non-profit organisations and educational institutions may use Workplace for free.

According Codorniou, rates are “reasonable” considering that an email account usually costs $6 or $7 per employee. The management has stated that the monthly bill will depend on the level of use: the company will only pay if the employees use the platform.

About a the organisations that already work with the Workplace by Facebook, include Danone, Booking.com, Starbucks in the US, Oxfam and Save the Children.

In addition, the network has indicated that it has launched a partnership program with partners such as Deloitte Digital, Edelman, Weber Shandwick and Ketchum to promote the implementation of the platform among its customers.

Google, must pay more than £5 million euros in Russia for abuse of dominant position

The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal by the Mountain View company because it considers “legitimate and reasonable” the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia in response to the complaint lodged by the search engine Yandex


Google must pay a fine of 438.06 billion rubles (5 million gbp) after being rejected an appeal by the Court of Appeal No. 9 in Moscow, which considers “legitimate and reasonable” the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) from the 11th of August in response to the complaint lodged by the search engine Yandex on abuse of market position from the american company.

Research of the Russian authorities was initiated following the complaint by Yandex, found that Google “abused its dominant position by forcing mobile device manufacturers to preinstall ‘Google Play’ and other applications”, in addition to prohibiting the preinstallation of other developer apps.

“We hope that the implementation of the resolution will create conditions for effective competition in the market on mobile applications,” said the director of the Department for Regulation of Communications and Information Technologies FAS, Elena Zaeva.

It is not the first time the Internet giant is accused of dominant position. Last April, the European Commission officially accused Google of abuse when considering imposing “restrictions” to manufacturers of Android-based operators and mobile network devices.

In addition, the Mountain View have yet another concern in Europe: Brussels expanded last July, the statement of objections to return to the charge and accused Google in digital advertising.

Do you have a Nexus? Google announced the dead-lines for support

Mountain View is working on the launch of the new Android operating system which means that older terminals will no longer receive updates…

nexus5)- PA

Google has been working for some time on your new Android operating system. Virtually nothing is known about the release date of this new update but it seems that everything is going well because the company has already announced when and what Nexus will no longer get support.

Updating your operating system has consequences. Updates are always placed necessary to protect “smartphones”, tablets and other devices from possible attacks. For example, either in an application or, as in this case, an operating system, if they have a major security breach, the company will relaunch a new OS with this “bug” fixed so that the user is protected.

The problem is that as time passes, operating systems have stopped supporting the older terminals. Among other reasons because there comes a time when a “smartphone” that was released four years ago, for example, does not support a new operating system.

The Nexus line, therefore, are in this situation. The company has updated its support page and indicated when they will no longer update their latest phones: no more than two years since its launch. These are the dates for each device:

Nexus 5X – SEPTEMBER 2017

Nexus 6P – SEPTEMBER 2017

Nexus 9 – OCTOBER 2016

Nexus 6 – OCTOBER 2016

Nexus 5 – OCTOBER 2015

Nexus 7 (2013) – JULY 2015

Nexus 10 – NOVEMBER 2014

As reported by Mountain View, updates are guaranteed “for at least two years since the device goes on sale in the Google Store” while security patches are “for three years since the device is put on sale or 18 months since Google sold for the last time. ”

According to the table, users, for example of the Nexus 7 have no longer received any updates of Android. The Nexus 5 either. However, the Nexus 5X and 6P, which were launched as the latest or the Nexus 9 tablet are guaranteed medium- and long-term support.

The device that has little time is the Nexus 6, which launched in 2014.

New Twitter “hashtags-emojis” for the Euros

The microblogging network has designed several hashtags on the occasion of the football European competition so that each user, when they write a tweet includes the official flag for each participant country or simply #EURO2016 for a smiley Trophy.

Twitter wants all users to enjoy to the maximum this Euro 2016. According to the social network, fans of the Wales National Team will be tweeting their support with a special emoji. By including the hashtag #TogetherStronger and #WAL on their tweets, users can see their posts take a different appearance with the inclusion of a ball with the Welsh flag. This functionality will be available to all participating national teams.

On the other hand, the network of microblogging has announced that ten minutes after the final whistle of the last match of the day, the Eiffel Tower will be lit with the colors of the football received more support team on Twitter that day. In addition, a selection of the best tweets of the day will be shown on the tower!!!

It has also revealed that between 10 and 20 Twitter creators from all over Europe are on track of the #EURO2016 to create exclusive videos and content for all users.

As pointed out by the social network, at the end of the key matches the tournament official accounts @EURO2016 and @UEFAEURO have asked followers to send their questions to the MVP and the best will be selected to answer them. To participate you must use the hashtag #AskMOTM.

Along with Twitter, Vine and Periscope will also be present during the tournament, which will have its own Vine channel where you can see the best six seconds videos every day. The application of Periscope will offer live video broadcasts of the UEFA accounts and specialized reporters.

“We are really excited that Twitter is in the heart of the experience of the # EURO2016. Since last summer sports tournament, the 2014 World Cup, the creative possibilities of Twitter have evolved tremendously “, said Colin Barthelemy, Coordinator on Twitter for the #EURO2016.



Phone Asylum’s Terms & Conditions for repair.

Phone Asylum – Terms & Conditions

1. Quotations

The quoted repair price that you have been quoted when booking in your repair is an estimate only. This estimate is based on the information provided before the technicians have diagnosed the issue fully. It is possible that the price to repair the unit is higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). On these occasions you will be contacted via email or the telephone number you have provided to authorise a new repair quotation.

2. Minimum Charge

All repairs carry a “minimum charge”. This cost covers our technician’s time and any parts used to attempt to repair the unit. After inspection, the minimum charge, usually £10.00, will become due when:

  •  The unit is Beyond Economical Repair (i.e it would be cheaper to replace the unit rather than fix it)

We provide a new repair quotation and you refuse this quotation.

3. Turnaround time

Repairs are usually done within the day unless it is an electronic issue or the parts need to be ordered in, in which case it could take upto 5 days
4. Fast Track

If you would like to use our “Fast Track” option your repair will take priority over non-Fast Track repairs. Note that if the unit is BER or you refuse a re-quote, the Fast Track fee is due in addition to the minimum charge. The following Terms & Conditions apply to Fast Track repairs:

  •  A Fast Track repair will take priority over other non-Fast Track repairs in the queue. It does not mean we guarantee to complete the repair the same day we receive it (although we do try our best). Sometimes specialist parts need to be obtained and this can delay the turnaround time. We will keep you advised of the situation via the online tracking system if any delays are expected.
  •  If we cannot repair a Fast Track unit within 5 days of having it you will not incur the Fast Track charge.

5. User DATA / Information

  • We will do our utmost to retain any DATA on your unit, however we cannot be held responsible for lost DATA.
6. Repair WarrantyOur repairs carry a limited 30 day warranty except on the following:

  • Liquid Damage Repair – No warranty given If the part we have fitted has been damaged since the time of our repair ie, has any knocks, chips or scratches etc. the warranty is no longer valid and you will be given the option to either repair it at our quoted price or to decline an option for repair. In the unlikely event the part that we have fitted becomes faulty within the warranty period please bring the unit back in store within the 30 days with a copy of your receipt or reference number i.e your Work Order ID and please state the fault that your are experiencing (we are not liable for your costs to return the unit to us). We will investigate and respond within 3 working days. If the problem is related to the initial repair carried out by us, we will carry out a further repair free of charge. If the unit has further problems not related to the initial repair carried out by us or parts not replaced in the initial repair we will contact you and let you make a decision with regards to the cost. We will attempt a re-repair on your unit TWICE after the initial repair. If after that the unit is still faulty we will issue a refund (minus the minimum charge and any Fast Track fee). We will need to see the unit and make sure its faulty prior to issuing a refund.

7. Unpaid repairs

Units will be held for a maximum of 60 days after they are either repaired, deemed BER or requiring a requote. We will make reasonable attempts to contact you by phone and email a minimum of 3 times. If you have not made a payment or collected within the 60 days after our first attempt of contact, the unit will become property of Phone Asylum to recover our costs.
8. Liquid Damage repairs

Liquid damage repairs can be very temperamental and are carried out on a “best endeavours” basis. On occasions the original fault can reappear after the unit had been repaired and sometimes the faults can even get worse after a period of time. Due to this we do not cover Liquid Damage repairs with any form warranty.

Has Samsung dropped the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810?

Qualcomm confirmed on Wednesday that a key customer had dropped their Snapdragon 810 processor. The announcement was made as the company released their first-quarter earnings report.

As we mentioned in our other blog there are reports of Samsung wanting to drop the processor due to the overheating rumours. Our guess is that Samsung have dropped the processor in order to put their own Exynos processor in their S6. Whether this is to do with overheating or not we cannot confirm but our guess is that Samsung may be focusing on their Exynos brand.

Qualcomm haven’t hinted at who the key customer may be but it definitely aligns with the speculation and rumours that we reported on.

Should Qualcomm be worried?

Now Samsung generates a lot of business for Qualcomm and losing their custom has led to it’s after-hours trading being down by more that 8%. The company is also behind most of the non-Apple mobile phones on the market with companies like HTC, LG and many more using their extremely favourable processors but is that enough for them?