Pokemon Go has started banishing

The mobile game based on augmented reality that caused furor continues to lose many users


Pokémon GO is starting to feel the limitations that the massive mobile technology has to offer. All that tends to rise quickly, quickly fades. The mobile game based on augmented reality technology that has caused people to literally go crazy in the last two months has begun to lose thousands of users.

The app recreates this animated universe and encourages users to “hunt” virtual creatures down the street has reduced its impact and just got into a steady slowdown in recent weeks. A situation that was expected and, of course, obvious. Keeping pace of growth registered in the first impact is very difficult and recent data indicated that the game developed by the company Niantic has entered a new state of stability and is facing a less faithful community.


According to a study by the firm Axiom Capital Management, mobile gaming has gone from 45 million users obtained in July  to 30 million by the end to August. Similar to those offered by SurveyMonkey and Apptopia, confirming that daily use and some downloads show decrease in data, although the game has allowed to publicise massively augmented reality technology even among the least familiar users, something that other companies can use as support to introduce and recreate this type of immersive experiences.

The report states that the recommendation of users has also fallen in recent weeks. Currently, 60% of the application users decide to express their satisfaction. “Given the rapidly increasing use of Pokémon Go since its launch in July, investors have been concerned about whether this new user experience means less time spent on other mobile applications,” says Victor Anthony, an analyst at Axiom Capital Management.

Pokémon Go, despite everything, continues to introduce new light with successive software updates in order to keep a fresh environment between users.


Tips and tricks to catch Pokemon and not kill your battery

The success of the new video game arguments the demand for external batteries.


Pokémon Go, the phenomenon of the moment. Thousands of people are hooked to the reality game whose objective is to “hunt” virtual Pokemons, but many have noticed that playing it consumes too much battery and mobile data. Like many other widespread applications as the original Facebook, it also has a serious problem: excessive battery consumption.

Like almost every app on the market at the moment the Niantic and Nintendo game requires data to be permanently turned on to locate the pokémons, which causes a high energy consumption. For this reason, depending on the terminal in a couple of hours of use your battery can be eaten more than half.

What can be done? First, it is important to adjust the brightness of the screen. Panels and lighting used in smartphones are the elements that consume more battery power. It is advisable, therefore, reduce these levels with what will be gained in autonomy.

The best advice is to reduce everything we can. Another interesting recommendation is to activate the power saving mode, commonly found within the settings – battery options, although it is true that the application itself already has a particular way of savings. Another tip is to turn off the sound and music this can help reduce consumption and extend therefore slightly battery life.

Increasing demand for external batteries
Pokémon Go has already been downloaded more than 100 million times. It has caused a fever that has made millions of players to take the streets with their phones and “catch ’em all” as soon as possible. This problem occurs when your phone reminds you the battery life is not great in it and you need to start making use of the essential external batteries in order to become a self-respecting player.

In fact, according to idealo.es, since the release of Pokémon Go there has been a dramatic increase in demand for portable batteries  or “power banks”. The impact of Pokémon Go is being brutal, “Smartphones today are not ready to operate at such high performance for many hours straight, so players are increasingly turning to external batteries that allow them to double or even triple the duration of the power of their devices”.


Pokémon Go gets over 100 million downloads

Other popular applications such as Candy Crush got this figure after 112 days of release

pokemoon go phone asylum

It goes on and on. The phenomenon of the moment on mobile devices continues, at least for now. The Pokémon video game with a sense of reality has exceeded one hundred million downloads worldwide on it’s first month of release in just a few countries (so far).

According to analyst firm App Annie, the app of Nintendo and developed by Niantic  continues to gain adherents and its spread continues to rise despite the slow the number of daily facilities. The data suggest that the strip has exceeded one hundred million installations on mobile devices based on iOS and Android operating systems from this past weekend. At the end of July the figure was around 75 million downloads.

However, Pokémon GO, whose objective is to catch virtual creatures through the device, continues to break records. In just 19 days, the 50 million downloads on Android, most widespread mobile platform in the world with 86% market shares were achieved according to various reports. Applications that had the fastest reached 50 million downloads are Colour Switch and Slither apps which took 77 and 81 days to do so, according to the firm Sensor Tower. Other popular applications such as Candy Crush managed this figure after 112 days of its release.

Is estimated that Pokemon Go currently generates about 10 million dollars in revenue. Experts believe that its rapid adoption is, in turn, have a positive impact on the economy in general applications. Emphasises that the arrival of this application to the market has not hurt the income of other mobile games like Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush Saga. However, experts believe that long-term impact of this application will encourage developers to try to bring new experiences based on augmented reality technology.

Pokémon Go or how to make £1.3 million every day on iOS

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. Although it is free, it allows shopping for the player to advance into the popular Nintendo game.


Pokémon Go is a full business. Nintendo has been successful with the launch of this free game on iOS and Android. Users have become “crazy”. Both are generating only in the Apple operating system, 1.6 million dollars a day (£1.2 million, approximately).

As published by Quartz and based on data provided by the specialised app analytics company Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go is still the best feat of Nintendo. Despite being a free game, yes it is possible to make purchases within the application. For example, the player needs to get coins in order to buy more items like Poke-balls and go forward in the game. Only in the US, users are spending 1.6 million dollars each day. A fact that in Android, is so far unknown.

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. “Only 5% of people shopping within the application but those who make them pay an average of $9.60” explains Quartz. It is recalled that, traditionally, iOS users are more willing to pay for gaming applications. In fact, the average expenditure is at $15.34 per month, compared with $7.31 dollars a month paid by users on Android.

Since the release of Pokémon Go in the US, Australia and New Zealand last 6th of July, the game has managed to make history in the App Store. “Four and a half hours after launch, was ranked # 1 as the most downloaded free app in the US, a record for game titles,” recalls the publication.

In fact, Pokémon Go has exceeded by far Clash Royale, the game that had so far been a success.

Pokémon GO becomes the largest mobile game in history: 21 million users

The video game developed by Niantic and distributed by Nintendo outperforms other hits like Draw Something and Candy Crush, with about 16 million and 20 million users respectively.

pokemoon go phone asylum

Pokémon Go has become the largest mobile video game in US history with about 21 million active daily users, according to a report released by the analyst firm SurveyMonkey, and the absence of official data, which could soon be offered.

The adventure game developed by Niantic and distributed by the Japanese Nintendo has outperformed other hits like Draw Something and Candy Crush, with about 16 million and 20 million users respectively. Furthermore, according to analysis firm SensorTower, mobile users spend more time playing Pokémon on the social network Facebook.

Meanwhile, the company SimilarWeb ensures that the game is installed on more than 10% of Android devices in the US and in more than 15% in two other markets where it debuted: Australia and New Zealand. Pokémon Go is not played on the sofa but in streets, parks, beaches and other sites in the real world, which are reflected in the player’s screen and where fictional characters are hidden.

The system is simple. The game uses the global positioning system of the smartphone user and detects when and where is the player in real life and in the game, to make “appear” a character from Pokémon near them, that It is on the phone screen, so that the user can “catch”.

As the player moves, depending on location and time they appear more and more varied types of Pokémon characters. This union of play in the physical reality and the virtual is what is known as augmented reality. Pokémon Go became the most popular game in the Apple App Store only 24 hours after its debut a week ago and already has more users than Twitter.

SurveyMonkey noted that at the current rate of Pokémon Go to the Android operating system is on track to overtake Snapchat social network in just a few days. Hysteria for the game is gaining such dimensions in the US, there have been police departments that have issued warnings to the players to take certain precautions and not allow themselves to be so absorbed in the game to the point that they neglect their security, which the application warns from the first time you run.

“They’re getting lots of information about dangerous situations, specially on the distraction of pedestrians and drivers playing” said the National Security Council. “What is meant to be a fun game can have tragic consequences in real life if you are driving or crossing the street,” said the Department of Motor Vehicles New York.

Twenty years later
Local businesses are also trying to capitalise the popularity of the game, with posters offering passersby to make a stop on its premises to hunt some unexpected monster. Augmented reality allows deploy virtual elements in the physical world and made possible, in this case, video game fans travelling on the streets looking at their Pokémon cameras.

The game is available for Android and iOS operating systems and download is free. It is based on the universe of fantastic creatures very popularised computer games and cartoons which emerged in the late 1990s. In the new version there are 151 creatures, although the catalogue that once developed had more than 700, and in addition to hunt the characters, the game has gym managers and coaches for users to fight against.