Tips and tricks to catch Pokemon and not kill your battery

The success of the new video game arguments the demand for external batteries.


Pokémon Go, the phenomenon of the moment. Thousands of people are hooked to the reality game whose objective is to “hunt” virtual Pokemons, but many have noticed that playing it consumes too much battery and mobile data. Like many other widespread applications as the original Facebook, it also has a serious problem: excessive battery consumption.

Like almost every app on the market at the moment the Niantic and Nintendo game requires data to be permanently turned on to locate the pokémons, which causes a high energy consumption. For this reason, depending on the terminal in a couple of hours of use your battery can be eaten more than half.

What can be done? First, it is important to adjust the brightness of the screen. Panels and lighting used in smartphones are the elements that consume more battery power. It is advisable, therefore, reduce these levels with what will be gained in autonomy.

The best advice is to reduce everything we can. Another interesting recommendation is to activate the power saving mode, commonly found within the settings – battery options, although it is true that the application itself already has a particular way of savings. Another tip is to turn off the sound and music this can help reduce consumption and extend therefore slightly battery life.

Increasing demand for external batteries
Pokémon Go has already been downloaded more than 100 million times. It has caused a fever that has made millions of players to take the streets with their phones and “catch ’em all” as soon as possible. This problem occurs when your phone reminds you the battery life is not great in it and you need to start making use of the essential external batteries in order to become a self-respecting player.

In fact, according to, since the release of Pokémon Go there has been a dramatic increase in demand for portable batteries  or “power banks”. The impact of Pokémon Go is being brutal, “Smartphones today are not ready to operate at such high performance for many hours straight, so players are increasingly turning to external batteries that allow them to double or even triple the duration of the power of their devices”.