Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After the fiasco of the latest technological device by South Korean firm, users have other devices on the market in order to replace and forget the Galaxy Note 7.


After Samsung announced last Tuesday that they were gonna completely  stop the manufacture and sale of its latest device, the Galaxy Note 7 because of the problems of combustion of these terminals, many users are now left without a phone. The South Korean company has sold more than 2 million Note 7’s. Customers now must look for alternatives.

The first of them, and not a bad idea is the fact that you can still trust the brand. Samsung has already made it clear that the battery issues pertain only to Note 7 not the rest of their devices. Therefore, users have at their disposal the Galaxy S7.

These terminals, launched in February, remain the “jewels” of the company. The only difference is almost I’d say… the size (5.1 inches vs. 5.5), then following we have the S6 and S6 Edge.

Curved edges, resistant to water and dust, processor Exynos 890, 4GB of RAM, batteries of 3000 mAh and 3600 (in the case of the Edge), rapid charging system, possibility to expand the memory with MicroSD cards, camera with Dual Pay pixel Sensor and Samsung are some of the S7 features.

Samsung estimates an increase in profit thanks to the good performance of the Galaxy S7

The South Korean firm announced a profit in the April-June period of £5,261 million, representing an increase of 17.3% over the same quarter last year.

galaxy s7 in phone asylum

Samsung Electronics estimated an operating profit in the period from April to June of 8.1 trillion won (5,261 million pounds), representing an increase of 17.3% over the same quarter last year. The figure also exceeds by 20.8% the previous quarter from January to March this year, according to provisional results presented by the company.

Sales of the South Korean electronics giant reached and according to the estimate, an increase of 3% in annual terms. This is the first time in more than two years since the first quarter of 2014, in which the operating profit of Samsung Electronics is above the 8 trillion wones.

In addition, the figure has exceeded any expectancy, which estimated an average of 7.3 trillion wones (£4,742 million), according to data provided by the local agency Yonhap. The increase profits and sales of Samsung in the second quarter coincides with the March release of the high-end Galaxy S7 and its version of curved edges S7 Edge, who are apparently being well received in the market compared to previous Galaxy models.