Tips for taking “selfies” on the iPhone 6S

Using the timer, take advantage of the fast actions or control lighting are some tricks for better photos.


In the last years it has become fashionable to take ‘selfies’, or simply self-portraits usually taken with the existing front camera in the most advanced smartphones in the market. It’s no surprise the leading manufacturers of these products have placed emphasis on improving the quality of its sensors and lenses.

Apple did the same with the iPhone 6S, its current flagship, with front 5 megapixel camera featuring a flash Retina. Although the operation to take photos is relatively simple, this device hides a wide variety of options and capabilities, many of them unknown to many users. To find out, PhoneAsylum will show you some tips and tricks to try to take advantage and look amazing when taking “selfies”.

Use “Live Photos”
Although it was not available at launch, ‘Live Photos’ already allows you to save some time and share these files to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Using Flash Retina system
One of the novelties existing on the iPhone 6S is the incorporation of a system of flash when taking ‘selfies’. Taking advantage of the Retina HD display a pre-flash that detects surrounding light is activated. Then the user triggers a flash under the True Tone technology on the screen to set the light and try to achieve a more realistic and balanced picture.

You may know this feature, but the camera application lets you set a timer whose aim is to prepare for the photo. It can be programmed to jump three or ten seconds, it even features a burst of images.

Take advantage of short cuts

Apple has built an important development, 3D Touch technology, which allows discern the options depending on the pressure exerted by the fingers. The camera application has these “fast track actions” not necessarily but very helpful when taking a “selfie”.


Creative time-lapse videos
Another option that may be interesting to note is the time-lapse mode, speeding up the time. With this feature the user can create a suggestive film after recording several minutes or even several hours. The result is spectacular, especially the stabilization on the system that promises to avoid leaving shaky videos.

Manage exposure
Interesting are some of the basic options found within the camera application, which includes a transmission light exposure. You just have to move your finger on the screen to lighten or darken in other words, regulate the light of the images in order to give a higher quality and making them appear more natural.

Using the physical keys as the trigger
In case you did not know, the iPhone allows you to use the volume keys (the physical keys on the edge of the device) or even headphones buttons as a trigger. If you have the Apple Watch this option is also available.

Preview the result

Once you have taken the picture, remember that you can preview it to observe in detail the result before sharing it on your social networks. So, after taking a “selfie” the user can preview the result on the fly by pressing lightly with quick actions ‘Peek’ on the thumbnail photo.

Create Photo Album
Another feature that may be of interest is to create an album that collects all the “selfies”. This option is possible even automatically. You only need to go to Photos / Albums / and there they will appear.