iOS 9 – Siri’s Spectacular Update

Siri is our own little pocket guide, with over 1 billion questions asked to the voice in a phone each week Apple have decided to enhance it further.

So what new features have been added to Siri?

It got prettier.

pretty siri

We all know that Apple work very hard on presentation and image, this is why a lot of people buy into them as the look and feel of their devices are elegant and easy to use and they have definitely put this into thought when it comes to Siri’s new image. Apple really have made it a lot more easy to use and better looking.

As you can see in the above picture the voice bar on Siri has turned into a Northern Lights scene and Siri now controls the search bar on your phone. “You know Siri as a helpful assistant you can talk to, but Siri is also the technology that powers Search on your iPhone and iPad. And now you can get even more answers when you type in the Search field.”

Siri now also shows you News, Contacts and Nearby places which it suggests based on information that it gathers about you, just like the iOS 8 feature of favourite people when you double-click the home button. “Your search screen is now prepopulated with contacts, apps, places nearby, and more. And it’s proactive in other places, too — making lots of little things just a little easier.” These are the four main features explained by Apple:

“Relevant people”

“See the contacts you talk with most, those you talked to last, or even those you’re next scheduled to meet.”

“Suggested apps”

“Suggested apps are triggered by your routines and what you’re most likely to use. For example, if you always read the news in the morning, your News app shows up in the Search screen at the time you normally wake up.”

“Places nearby”

“See categories of places nearby, like Food, Drink, Shopping, Fun, and more.”

“In the news”

“Based on your location, see local news that’s trending where you are.”

It got a lot smarter.

Siri no longer only operates by the touch of the button, no, Siri now operates out side of it’s home screen so that “based on the apps you commonly use and the time of day you use them, you’ll get intelligent suggestions for what you might want to do next — even before you ask.”

Here’s the five now intelligent features Apple has brought to Siri outside of it’s home:

“Listening to music and audio”

“Plug in your headphones and iOS 9 recognizes that you might want to finish the podcast you started earlier. Or connect via Bluetooth in your car, and your favorite playlist is suggested for the ride home.”

“Creating email and events”

“When you start adding people to an email message or a calendar invitation, iOS 9 suggests the people you usually include with them. iOS 9 also suggests recipients when you add commonly used subject lines or event titles.”

“Adding events to Calendar”

“If you get an email with a flight reservation or a restaurant confirmation, iOS 9 can create a suggested event in Calendar for you.”

“Timely reminders”

“If your Calendar events include locations, iOS 9 assesses traffic and notifies you when it’s time to leave. You can choose to snooze or ignore the notification, or get directions and get going.”

“Who’s calling?”

“Incoming call from an unknown number? If that number appeared in an email, iOS 9 lets you know who might be calling. And if someone sends you an email with contact information, that contact information can automatically be added to Contacts.”

From all that is to come it looks like Siri may be getting a lot more popular with it’s users.

Source: Apple