Samsung finally suspended the manufacture and sales of the Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean company urges owners of the devices, both the original and replaced, to turn them off and stop using them.


Neither sales nor production, death. One of the most advanced mobile devices has been one of the biggest fiascos…set to be remembered in the industry of consumer technology. Samsung has confirmed on Tuesday the “complete cessation” of production of the smart phone Galaxy Note 7 after repeated problems with their batteries, even in some substitution models that were launched to try to sort out the crisis. This terminal called “phablet” will eventually be discontinued before Samsung meets two months after its release.

The South Korean firm has taken this decision by the continuous security concerns about the risks that exist of possible explosions and ignition in the device. The first consequences are clear: the company’s shares have fallen by 8.04 percent on the Seoul Stock Exchange.

To date more than a hundred cases are estimated, although officially been recognised in about 35 units. “We have recently adjusted the volume of production to initiate a thorough and overall situation research, but we want to make safety of consumers our priority so, we decided to stop the production of the Note 7», say sources in a statement that give no report so far of the full reason for the problem. So far little is known.

“We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate  the cases recently reported on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Because consumer safety remains our top priority, Samsung calls on all distributors worldwide to halt sales and program replacements while the investigation is carried out”. “We remain committed to working with regulatory authorities and will take all necessary steps to remedy the situation. Consumers, whether those who own an original Note 7 or a unit that has been replaced must shut it down, stop using the device and benefit from the available solutions”, added the same sources.

The mess was mounted, at first, when Samsung announced the suspension of worldwide sales as well as new phones that served as replacement and began distributing a few weeks ago, while advancing the research on ignition causes affecting devices due to defective batteries. But the crisis has caught fire even causing one of the biggest headaches that are remembered in this industry.

Samsung decided on Monday the willing to start a “temporary adjustment” to ensure that consumer safety was “top priority”. Then they doubted that strategy and now it has been confirmed, they have completely stopped the production. Despite this situation, which could result in losses of more than ten billion dollars in the income statement according to several reports, the South Korean electronics giant has said that are working “diligently” with regulatory authorities to solve the problem. However, the Note family, which debuted in 2011 with an original size and very cutting-edge functionality through the use of a stylus, will quite possibly pass to history.

At the moment the actual extent of the loss for the brand image its unknown and whether consumers will remember in the future this murky episode or forget it. Samsung began selling the phone last August, but in early September announced an unprecedented withdrawal following reports of more than thirty cases of ignition in some terminals in several countries. The recall was followed in mid-September, however, several media have reported that owners have suffered fires in South Korea, the United States and Taiwan.

Last week two of the biggest mobile operators in the United States, AT & T and T-Mobile US, stopped selling new units theoretically unaffected by the fault as five new cases of fire had been reported in that country. In Europe, where sales were expected before October 28th, Vodafone and Orange announced the discontinuation of sales.

Time magazine names Tetris the most iconic game of all time


Time magazine has published a report on what they believe are the 50 games that have established a before and after in the history of the sector. The result places the famous Tetris in first place well ahead of titles such as “Final Fantasy VII” or “Call of Duty 2”.

The final list shows 50 games, a total of 150 pre-selected, place the Soviet Alexei Pajitnov production in the first place because it has been one of the great phenoms of the late eighties. In addition, Nintendo was the company that decided to introduce the puzzle game on their consoles such as NES and Game Boy, prompting the resounding success of the title.

Over time, many platforms adapted the classic, renewing and innovating on the simple action of stacking blocks. Still, and although it may seem that it couldn’t cause more than a headache, some experts say the game prevents PTSD and controls anxiety, as recorded by Time.

Behind Tetris we find “Super Mario Bros 64” and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Then, in the fourth and fifth places, we find “Doom” and “MS. Pac-Man” the unauthorised sequel of the famous Pac-Man.

Gamescom 2016: What to expect from the largest video game trade show in Europe

With the absence of conferences and shortage of news, the German showcase focuses on the players.


Virtual reality, perhaps more details on future consoles and, specially many many titles will be the main attractions for the next edition of the Gamescom trade fair, held from the 17th til the 21st in Cologne (Germany), the most important event for European video games.

Although distributors and main developers of the electronic entertainment industry devoted more attention to the Los Angeles event, E3, the German showcase has become a must for the latest developments in this sector that prepares the arrival of new platforms for the coming months sponsored by mainly the interest taken by the technology on virtual reality.

Apparently, this time with the absence of conferences, including Microsoft, have lowered expectations and an event with little news is expected. Most video games have already been presented previously.

However, numerous video games will come to light with the chance of playing multiple of them. Although, as we mentioned above, companies like Microsoft will not held their own conference presentation but definitely will be present with its catalogue of games and introducing “Gears of War 4”, the new instalment of the revolutionary shooter in third person who aspires to strengthen the sells for it’s XBOX in October.

They will be other proposals as “Forza Horizon 3” where driving will join this transverse vision of the company to allow the game from Windows 10 and Xbox One. “Recore” and “Sea of Thieves”, two unique games will also be available in the coming days. Sony, have the presence of “The Last Guardian”, “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Gran Turismo Sport” in addition to the usual and staging PlayStation VR, their new virtual reality helmet which by the way will be filled with interesting games.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, will attend the European fair with individual somewhat anticipated games, “Watch Dogs 2” and “Ghost Recon Wildlands”, along with “South Park: the Fractured but whole”, inspired by the irreverent TV series, and even a projection of scenes featuring Assassin’s Creed. What about virtual reality? Businesses increasingly are joining this trend with various advertisements and it is expected that Ubisoft will unveil a project called “Star Trek: Bridge Crew.”

Another that adds to this long-awaited technology is Warner will the new trailer for “Batman Arkham VR” compatible with the PlayStation VR system which will arrive later this year, and that will allow players to get into the skin of the Dark Knight and explore the always dark Gotham. It will be available on October 4.

2K come with fresh material that will be released after the summer, “Mafia III” for example the new instalment in the saga of open world inspired by organised crime, or “NBA 2K17” possibly the best simulation of the sport to date. “WWE 2K17” or “Civilization VI” are other cartridges in their arsenal of games for this season.


Google, must pay more than £5 million euros in Russia for abuse of dominant position

The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal by the Mountain View company because it considers “legitimate and reasonable” the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia in response to the complaint lodged by the search engine Yandex


Google must pay a fine of 438.06 billion rubles (5 million gbp) after being rejected an appeal by the Court of Appeal No. 9 in Moscow, which considers “legitimate and reasonable” the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) from the 11th of August in response to the complaint lodged by the search engine Yandex on abuse of market position from the american company.

Research of the Russian authorities was initiated following the complaint by Yandex, found that Google “abused its dominant position by forcing mobile device manufacturers to preinstall ‘Google Play’ and other applications”, in addition to prohibiting the preinstallation of other developer apps.

“We hope that the implementation of the resolution will create conditions for effective competition in the market on mobile applications,” said the director of the Department for Regulation of Communications and Information Technologies FAS, Elena Zaeva.

It is not the first time the Internet giant is accused of dominant position. Last April, the European Commission officially accused Google of abuse when considering imposing “restrictions” to manufacturers of Android-based operators and mobile network devices.

In addition, the Mountain View have yet another concern in Europe: Brussels expanded last July, the statement of objections to return to the charge and accused Google in digital advertising.

Pokémon Go or how to make £1.3 million every day on iOS

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. Although it is free, it allows shopping for the player to advance into the popular Nintendo game.


Pokémon Go is a full business. Nintendo has been successful with the launch of this free game on iOS and Android. Users have become “crazy”. Both are generating only in the Apple operating system, 1.6 million dollars a day (£1.2 million, approximately).

As published by Quartz and based on data provided by the specialised app analytics company Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go is still the best feat of Nintendo. Despite being a free game, yes it is possible to make purchases within the application. For example, the player needs to get coins in order to buy more items like Poke-balls and go forward in the game. Only in the US, users are spending 1.6 million dollars each day. A fact that in Android, is so far unknown.

The application has had 7.5 million downloads in the United States. “Only 5% of people shopping within the application but those who make them pay an average of $9.60” explains Quartz. It is recalled that, traditionally, iOS users are more willing to pay for gaming applications. In fact, the average expenditure is at $15.34 per month, compared with $7.31 dollars a month paid by users on Android.

Since the release of Pokémon Go in the US, Australia and New Zealand last 6th of July, the game has managed to make history in the App Store. “Four and a half hours after launch, was ranked # 1 as the most downloaded free app in the US, a record for game titles,” recalls the publication.

In fact, Pokémon Go has exceeded by far Clash Royale, the game that had so far been a success.

Pokémon GO becomes the largest mobile game in history: 21 million users

The video game developed by Niantic and distributed by Nintendo outperforms other hits like Draw Something and Candy Crush, with about 16 million and 20 million users respectively.

pokemoon go phone asylum

Pokémon Go has become the largest mobile video game in US history with about 21 million active daily users, according to a report released by the analyst firm SurveyMonkey, and the absence of official data, which could soon be offered.

The adventure game developed by Niantic and distributed by the Japanese Nintendo has outperformed other hits like Draw Something and Candy Crush, with about 16 million and 20 million users respectively. Furthermore, according to analysis firm SensorTower, mobile users spend more time playing Pokémon on the social network Facebook.

Meanwhile, the company SimilarWeb ensures that the game is installed on more than 10% of Android devices in the US and in more than 15% in two other markets where it debuted: Australia and New Zealand. Pokémon Go is not played on the sofa but in streets, parks, beaches and other sites in the real world, which are reflected in the player’s screen and where fictional characters are hidden.

The system is simple. The game uses the global positioning system of the smartphone user and detects when and where is the player in real life and in the game, to make “appear” a character from Pokémon near them, that It is on the phone screen, so that the user can “catch”.

As the player moves, depending on location and time they appear more and more varied types of Pokémon characters. This union of play in the physical reality and the virtual is what is known as augmented reality. Pokémon Go became the most popular game in the Apple App Store only 24 hours after its debut a week ago and already has more users than Twitter.

SurveyMonkey noted that at the current rate of Pokémon Go to the Android operating system is on track to overtake Snapchat social network in just a few days. Hysteria for the game is gaining such dimensions in the US, there have been police departments that have issued warnings to the players to take certain precautions and not allow themselves to be so absorbed in the game to the point that they neglect their security, which the application warns from the first time you run.

“They’re getting lots of information about dangerous situations, specially on the distraction of pedestrians and drivers playing” said the National Security Council. “What is meant to be a fun game can have tragic consequences in real life if you are driving or crossing the street,” said the Department of Motor Vehicles New York.

Twenty years later
Local businesses are also trying to capitalise the popularity of the game, with posters offering passersby to make a stop on its premises to hunt some unexpected monster. Augmented reality allows deploy virtual elements in the physical world and made possible, in this case, video game fans travelling on the streets looking at their Pokémon cameras.

The game is available for Android and iOS operating systems and download is free. It is based on the universe of fantastic creatures very popularised computer games and cartoons which emerged in the late 1990s. In the new version there are 151 creatures, although the catalogue that once developed had more than 700, and in addition to hunt the characters, the game has gym managers and coaches for users to fight against.

YouTube to allow live stream video

YouTube will allow live video broadcast. The popular video service of Google will allow users the benefits of live broadcasts, making an addition in the catalogue in which already compete platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live or Twitch. The quintessential video platform, YouTube, has embraced the new trend of live video broadcast, but also has been incorporated into Facebook with your Facebook Live. The option to broadcast videos streaming on YouTube is a native function that does not require anything more than the application.  The videos will be identical to the rest of the content posted on the website. They can be found through the search service portal or seen on the recommendations of each user.


Google doesn’t want to stay behind and wants to make iOS and Android users download the YouTube app. Specially not to let the competition with Periscope Twitter, Facebook or Twitch Live video gain ground. Its operation is simple: just select the specific function, adjust the settings and start recording and broadcast. These videos will have the same format as other content on Youtube, and also will access them using the search engine or see the recommendations of each user. YouTube will activate this feature gradually, giving priority to the most popular video platform users. Some of them mostly Youtubers like The Young Turks, already have the service available. Other users will get in over time. “We believe this will provide an entirely new feature, more intimate and spontaneous to share experiences with the communities,” concludes YouTube on their blog.

This could be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean firm is preparing to renew its device ‘phablet’ format but the first few rumours suggest modifications and changes…


A small jump for a large mobile. No official confirmation but the South Korean firm, Samsung prepares it’s new smart phone.

The first features broadcast on the Internet, in this case by Evan Blass, a known Twitter user who regularly handles insider information about new releases, suggests that Samsung will keep the size of this device, 5.7 inch screen SuperAmoled with a QHD resolution (1,440 x 2,560), similar to those offered by the version available in the current market figures.

Regarding some details, based on the first rumours the Asian giant is preparing a device of at least a 64 GB of memory, but expandable by using a microSD card, breaking the decision last year that disregarded this feature which clearly was for many users still important despite the rise of services in the “cloud”.

With three colours provided (blue, silver and black), the Note 7 could incorporate a rear 12-megapixel camera and a front 5 megapixel more detailed than the one offered in the Galaxy S7 model that despite reducing the number of megapixels, has opted to increase the quality of it.

One aspect still playing in many speculative terms is the possibility of adding an iris scanner as a method to unlock the screen. Another feature that has been talked about is mounting a Snapdragon 823 processor manufactured by Qualcomm, and a possible RAM that would be expected to come up to 6GB.

Hoping for a powerful 4000 mAh battery, the device, it’s believed, will feature IP68, which means it will be resistant to water and dust. In addition, it would come either directly with the USB Type-C port, the new industry’s standard. Instead of reserving the breaking news for an event like IFA Berlin or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung might be willing to hold a launch event for the Note 7 in August.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t feel safe online

A small detail does not go unnoticed after seeing the image published by the owner of Facebook to celebrate 500 million followers on Instagram.

Security experts say that no device is 100% secure. And that fear is common among users of new technologies, even someone like Mark Zuckerberg, uswer which we would assume features the best tools to digitally protect his devices, but with webcam calls being potentially “hackable” private conversations and photographs can be exposed.

To commemorate the 500 million users of Instagram, Facebook founder and owner of this network of photography published a picture of him in his profile. The sympathetic picture went around the world, and way too many users did not let out a small detail: his laptop, on his desktop office was covered with tape on the place of the webcam. Paranoia? ¿Urban Legend? Reality? The truth is that last year alone, Facebook invested more than 10 million pounds in security measures.

Zuckerberg, often expresses misgivings about computer security and real paranoia of being “hacked”, although recently a group of cybercriminals gained access to some of his private online services such as Twitter or Pinterest because reportedly his passwords was “dadada”, a combination clearly too weak. However, its business position (one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs) Zuckerberg, 31, shows once again how to take precautions.

This is a homemade way to plug the camera and prevent a possible cyber criminal from taking control of it and, on the other hand, the image can also be seen using duct tape to obstruct the microphone input located in the left side of the device.

Thanks to specific remote access tools, cybercriminals can interact with the victim: display messages on the screen, open a website, delete the toolbar, open the CD and endless amount of stuff. The confusion of the victim when the computer behaves strangely amuses PC and Laptop repairers.

According to company sources like Kaspersky, who believe that hackers tend to collect images of the victims without them knowing they’re being recorded and depending on the content the hacker can publish images or commit a bigger crime.

Emoji direct quotation and voicemail prepare their arrival in WhatsApp

New details of the test version of the messaging application show some of the upcoming features that may arrive in a few weeks.


More and more improvements for WhatsApp. The process of introducing new features has accelerated in recent months. The last one proposed the possibility of sharing larger emojis and a new voicemail service.

New details from the trial version for mobile devices based on the iOS operating system advance the possible arrival of an interesting option that will allow users to choose between different sizes of these emoticons that have generated in recent years a new form of personal communication among young people.

There will be two sizes (small and large), according to leaks from the tests. Another new walking towards its entry into WhatsApp, the popular messaging application with over one billion users, is the ability to use voicemail, which will leave an audio message if a voice call fails to reach your contact.

In addition to these developments, WhatsApp plans to implement a system for direct quotes to a certain contact in group discussions an addition kind of Twitter style, just some weeks after the arrival of citing links and shared publications.