Uber begins testing its first self-driving car

On the streets of the state of Pittsburgh in the US, a Ford Fusion Hybrid equipped with a variety of sensors, including radar, laser scanners and high resolution cameras to map environment details will circulate in the coming weeks.


Uber starts testing brand new technology, unafraid to stand up to large companies like Apple or Google, who also work in the development of these vehicles, the company that has revolutionized the world of transportation has announced that the streets of Pittsburgh will be (in the coming weeks), the first to see how their first prototype works.

The Center for Advanced Technologies Uber (ATC for its acronym in English), will test a Ford Fusion hybrid. The vehicle has been modified by the company for driving without a “driver”, but during the testing the car will have a person behind the wheel for safety reasons.

The objective of these first tests is, according to the company, collect all possible information and test for new self-driving capabilities. When the vehicle is in auto driving mode, a trained driver is in the passenger seat monitoring the operation.

Uber autonomous car is equipped with a variety of sensors, including radar, laser scanners and high resolution cameras to map details of the environment. “In the future we believe that this technology will mean less congestion, more affordable, accessible transportation and a reduction in the number of lost lives in car accidents,” revealed the company in a statement.

Although the experiment it’s been made by Uber, much of it and the proof leads Ford, which in late April formed an alliance with Uber, Google, Volvo and Lyft to advance and implement automatic driving.

“The evidence in the real world are crucial in the effort to Uber to develop autonomous technology,” says the company, recalls how these vehicles “have the potential to save millions of lives and improve the quality life for people”. And according to data provided by Uber, 1.3 million people die each year in car accidents. 94% of them also were produced by mistakes made by the drivers.

At this moment uber says they are focused on developing the right technology and make it safe for everyone on the road: pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.