Time magazine names Tetris the most iconic game of all time


Time magazine has published a report on what they believe are the 50 games that have established a before and after in the history of the sector. The result places the famous Tetris in first place well ahead of titles such as “Final Fantasy VII” or “Call of Duty 2”.

The final list shows 50 games, a total of 150 pre-selected, place the Soviet Alexei Pajitnov production in the first place because it has been one of the great phenoms of the late eighties. In addition, Nintendo was the company that decided to introduce the puzzle game on their consoles such as NES and Game Boy, prompting the resounding success of the title.

Over time, many platforms adapted the classic, renewing and innovating on the simple action of stacking blocks. Still, and although it may seem that it couldn’t cause more than a headache, some experts say the game prevents PTSD and controls anxiety, as recorded by Time.

Behind Tetris we find “Super Mario Bros 64” and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Then, in the fourth and fifth places, we find “Doom” and “MS. Pac-Man” the unauthorised sequel of the famous Pac-Man.