Apple Watch buying guide. (In-Depth)

Apple’s keynote has drawn to a close and we are now waiting to get our hands on the Apple Watch more than ever. This will be the first product category Apple have introduced in five years! So no wonder it is one of the most anticipated gadgets of last year and this year. But what do we know about the Apple Watch and how will it compliment your Apple handset? Here’s everything you need to know.

Watch Edition 3

The release.

The Apple Watch will be shipped in just over a month on April 24th. The wearable gadget will hit nine of the most industrialized countries. The list consists of the US, the UK, China (of course), Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. I’m sure that these countries will no doubt eat up the Apple Watch as they are definitely one for their technology.

The Apple Watch will also go on sale on April 24th but only by reservation will you be able to buy one. It is also only in selected venues which includes Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Colette in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles and The Corner in Berlin.

If you can’t wait until then you can also make an appointment on April 10th so that you can see, touch, feel and enjoy the smartwatch yourself in Apple retail stores. It will also be available to view or have a try at various places in the 9 first selected countries such as Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges in London and Galeries Lafayette in Paris. If you have tried the watch and just cannot wait to get your hands on it, it will be available to order in the Apple website on that day.

The price tag.

Before we buy one we’ve got to make sure the price is right. Now the Apple Watch will be available in three different collections which include, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. In typical Apple style the new gadget is sure to burn a hole in your wallet for the average person in the UK or the US etc as this pricey gadget could leave you short of £8,000 or more for it’s most expensive collection, Apple Edition. You might wonder why it is so expensive, well, this is due to the ridiculous 18-karat solid yellow or rose gold. Personally I would never be able to take this wearable out of the house with me as the fear of all of the harmful possibilities the outside world could bring to an £8,000 watch on my wrist would almost definitely drive me insane. But that’s just me.

Watch Edition

Before you look away and remove the possibility of ever owning the Apple Watch the next price may give you some hope. The cheapest Apple Watch you can own is the Apple Watch Sport with a 38mm face this gadget will cost you £299.00. This is still pricey if you’re planning on just using it as a watch but for the tech enthusiasts this price is almost just right, providing it does what it says on the tin. But before I move on to the features of the watch I’ll give you a list of all the prices for all the different versions of the collections.

Although there are only three collections the versions range from 8-20.

The Apple Watch is available in 20 versions all with price tags that climb higher and higher and deeper and deeper into your wallet. Here’s 10 of the different versions with their ranging price tags.

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and white sports band costs £479
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and white sports band costs £519

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Classic buckle costs £559
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Classic buckle costs £599

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Milanese Loop costs £559
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Milanese Loop costs £599

The 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Black Modern Buckle costs £649 (surely that’s wrong)
The 42mm Apple Watch with stainless steal face and Midnight Blue Modern Buckle costs £649

The 38mm Apple Watch with Space Black Case and Stainless Steal Link Bracelet costs £899
The 42mm Apple Watch with Space Black Case and Stainless Steal Link Bracelet costs £949

There are 10 versions of the Apple Watch Sport available, including:

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band costs £299
The 42mm Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band costs £339

There are are 8 versions of the Apple Watch Edition available, including:

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport with 18-Carot Rose Gold watch with White Sport Band costs £8,000

Which version will you buy? Take the survey.Apple-Watch-Straps


Why am I paying so much?

Of course this title could be said about any Apple product as their products do not come cheap and this is the appeal to many of it’s customers, but there is a specific reason as to why Apple as charging a good sum for this new step in their product range. The metals that are featured with this watch have also been altered and mastered by the company making them stronger and flaw-free. The aliminum used by the company for the Apple Watch Sport has been altered to be 60% stronger and more durable than standard alloys and the company have even claimed that it will be just as light. Also the stainless steel used to make the cases is now a huge 80% harder through, according to Apple, a specialized cold-forging process. And then there is the gold used which you can see the production process in Apple’s Gold video. And of course there is then the straps which also contribute to the ranges in price. So why so many different styles? (Around 35 to be more specific). Well here is what Jony Ive had to say about that.

“One of the biggest challenges that we found was that we couldn’t all be sitting there wearing the same thing. I don’t think we want to wear the same thing,” said Jony Ive in an interview at the London Design Museum, talking about Apple’s decision to make the design of the Apple Watch so customisable. “Which is why we developed this system, not a single product.”

“It is a flexible system, so hopefully it will be appealing, but there’s still a very singluar idea,” Ive said during the presention back in September 2014, adding: “We’re not just throwing a whole bunch of ideas against the wall to see which one sticks… like some people.”

It’s not usual for Apple to release such a wide range so it will be interesting to see how their customers react to the wide variety but being such a huge company I doubt they’ll lack in sales.

Time accuracy.

Although this watch can do many things at the end of the day your main use will be to check the time, so, how accurate is the Apple Watch at keeping time? The Apple Watch has been said to keep time within 50 milliseconds of UTC, the universal time standard, but this accuracy will not last unless your Apple Watch has a regular sync with your iPhone which isn’t too much to ask.

Battery life and charging.

The Apple Watch battery life isn’t one to disappoint.  Apple says that testing was “conducted by Apple in March 2015 using preproduction Apple Watch and software paired with an iPhone using preproduction software.” Here’s a list of the different features and their battery life:

All-day battery life – Up to 18 hours.Watch 3

TalkTime Test – Up to 3 hours.

Audio Playback Test – Up to 6.5 hours.

Workout Test – Up to 7 hours.

Watch Test – Up to 48 hours.

Power Reserve – Up to 72 hours.

Obviously manufactures are known to slightly exaggerate on their battery life estimates so taking it with a pinch of salt may not be a bad idea. The battery life also varies depending on the size of model which will of course have a different size battery as Apple have said on their website “Apple Watch battery performance claims are based on test results from the 38mm Apple Watch. A 42mm Apple Watch typically experiences longer battery life.” But looking at Apple’s claims of battery life is definitely a good estimate to go by. For Apple’s battery life list click here.

The battery is also replaceable, so if you’re having any issues with your battery it can easily be corrected, although Apple have not put a price on this repair as of yet.

As for charging Apple claim that your watch will be at 80% within 1.5 hours and also up to 100% within a 2.5 hour charge.  The charger is a magnetic plate that clips onto your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Magneting Charging Cable comes in 1m or 2m in length for £25.00 and £29.00 with free delivery.

Using your Apple iWatch.

In order to link up your Apple Watch you will have to have an iPhone from the 5G and upwards and also you will have to be running iOS 8.2. The 8.2 update comes with an app specifically for the Apple Watch. The app sidekick lets you set up the Apple watch and choose which notifications you would like to receive. This can be handy when avoiding notifications from games, spam emails and other annoyances that would drain your watches battery.

You can also customize the face of your Apple Watch clock by force pressing the screen and swiping until you find a design that suits you best.

The primary feature of your Apple Watch is the ability to answer calls through it although not everyone likes the talking into your wrist look this is definitely a feature that all wearables need. You can also receive and answer text messages using Apple’s template text and also by sending a location as well as emojis and voice messages.

Although the Apple Watch does not have a camera you can use it as a remote for your iPhone camera viewing what your iPhone sees, snapping a photo or setting a timer for those who like their photos just perfect. This may not be the most appealing feature but its a nice compliment to integrating your Watch to your iPhone.

You can also play music from your phone without having to reach into your pocket. There are so many more built in apps included with you Apple Watch theses include:

  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • CalenderWatch Edition 4
  • Activity
  • Workout
  • Maps
  • Passbook
  • Siri
  • Music
  • Camera Remote
  • Remote
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Photos
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • World clock
  • Settings


There are also apps from the App Store available these include:

  • ESPN
  • Mint Person Finance
  • Pacemaker DJ
  • Expedia
  • PlayKids
  • NYTimes
  • Shazam
  • Ebay
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Nike+ Running

There are so many more things we could say about the Apple Watch’s hardware but for now we’ll leave this for those who would like to use this as a buying guide and to see what Apple’s new gadget really offers the everyday user.

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