The Cybersecurity measures the Islamic State imposes on its members

Jihadists receive a 30-page document with instructions in order to not to be located on the Web. It includes advice on how to navigate through Tor or how they must use Telegram instead of WhatsApp.

A Russian-language terror news and recruitment website. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has boasted in recent times to master the world of internet. From the propaganda of the use of social networks to encrypted communications between supporters worldwide. But the reality, according to many analysts, is another. The most obvious example is the mobile phone that was allegedly used by one of the terrorist in the attacks of Paris: not only been located but have extracted a lot of data relevant to the investigation.

Experts and researchers, consulted by the EP agency, reinforce this theory of careless handling of communications by jihadists. In fact, in Europe there have been several operations against suspected terrorists who have resulted in captured fans through online systems.

Forces of the US intelligence follow the line of terrorists Networks. Through this work, the Centre for Counter-terrorism of West Point located a manual in which the organisation lectured to their cells on how to protect their communications and preserve their cyber-security, according to Wired.

The document of 30 pages, offers amazing tricks. In fact it is simple tips that anyone can carry out in order to protect their privacy.

Isis’s great secret lies in the use of the Tor network, a browser that prevents the original IP user is located. In addition, they are betting on Telegram instead of WhatsApp thanks to the privacy it offers. Wickr cryptocat and also for chats; Hushmail and ProtonMail to send emails (although they can also use Gmail with false credentials when navigating with Tor) and Signal RedPhone to make encrypted calls.

They also ask to remove the option of location, an elementary measure for someone who lives in hiding but not for the jihadist who published a selfie in a logistics centre and ended bombed by the United States. General of the US Air Force directly Herbert Carlisle called them “bobo” terrorists.

For this reason-and others evident jihadists have prohibited the use of social networks.

Google gets more emoji of women to achieve greater gender equality

The Mountain View have managed to get the Unicode Consortium to extend the catalog with 11 new professionals emoticons, both in male and female version, and with all skin tones.


Google proposed in May this year to change the landscape of emoticons. The Mountain View company have realised that we are used to seeing this kind of Emoji:

It is an exclusively male professional reference. However, as Google points out in his blog, women’s representation is, briefly, this:


Women only want to be brides and queens. Is this true?

“More than 90 percent of the world’s population uses emoticons. However, although there is a huge range of emojis, there isn’t diversity in the careers of women”, says Google. The company believes that female representation is not adequate and, therefore, made contact with the Unicode Consortium two months ago. The result? There will be 11 new emoticons that represent gender equality in the workplace.

“We have been working to improve things,” says the company, which proposed the new emojis representing a wide range of professions, both for women and men, reflecting the roles of the women in the world .

“The Unicode Consortium has agreed to add 11 new profession emojis, in both options (male and female) and all skin tones. These are more than 100 new choices”, says the Mountain View. These professions are: farmer, welder, mechanic, doctor, scientist, technician, executive, chef, student, teacher and rock star.


However that is not all from Google. The Consortium is also working on adding and male and female versions of 33 emoticons that already exist, such as the barber.


“These new emojis are the result of one of several efforts we are making to represent women better in technology,” says Google.

Instagram to follow the crowd and incorporate a translator

It will not be until July when users see the new button “View translation” in order to understand any publication and biography on Instagram.


Instagram, which has just celebrated 500 million monthly active users, has announced new features. In their profile they have posted a picture with one sentence (see translation) in several languages. The social network for photographs has announced that soon users will see a translation button.

Instagram continues to change, add features and adapting to users. They now reached the path for translations of publications and biographies but it won’t be until July when users begin to use this option.

“The Instagram community has grown rapidly and is more global than we ever imagined,” says the social network in the picture hanging in the account. “We are very happy because soon you will be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.” Although so far no details are known as in functionality, it seems that the text will be translated into the default language for the Instagram account that is being used and will be visible on the option “View translation”.

We have to wait to see if this new service is carried out as a proper function or if Instagram decides to go for a third party service. For example, Facebook, which owns Instagram, to use the translation service of Microsoft (Bing) for publications on its platform.

It should be recalled also that recently Google has incorporated its WhastApp translator, so that any text can be translated in real time without having to exit the application.

Emoji direct quotation and voicemail prepare their arrival in WhatsApp

New details of the test version of the messaging application show some of the upcoming features that may arrive in a few weeks.


More and more improvements for WhatsApp. The process of introducing new features has accelerated in recent months. The last one proposed the possibility of sharing larger emojis and a new voicemail service.

New details from the trial version for mobile devices based on the iOS operating system advance the possible arrival of an interesting option that will allow users to choose between different sizes of these emoticons that have generated in recent years a new form of personal communication among young people.

There will be two sizes (small and large), according to leaks from the tests. Another new walking towards its entry into WhatsApp, the popular messaging application with over one billion users, is the ability to use voicemail, which will leave an audio message if a voice call fails to reach your contact.

In addition to these developments, WhatsApp plans to implement a system for direct quotes to a certain contact in group discussions an addition kind of Twitter style, just some weeks after the arrival of citing links and shared publications.

iOS 10: The new features on Apple’s operating system

Users will not have this new version until autumn but then they can start experimenting the new shortcuts, the new features of Maps or the possibility of having “collages” created automatically with their favorite photos. All with the maximum security and privacy.


Apple introduced iOS 10, the biggest upgrade for the operating system for its iPhones on Monday. Many applauses were heard in the hall of the auditorium Bill Graham of San Francisco, where the WWDC 2016 was held, when Craig Federigh, vice president of the company, confirmed what many already knew: an operating system. Collaborative notes or email conversation mode are other options that iOS 10 will allow its users. At the moment, we analyse the functions they revealed themselves.

Before we start, we must remember that the iOS beta 10 is now available for developers only. Not until autumn (like other developments announced) when users have the new operating system.

The software update will be free for iPhone 5 and later; all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and sixth-generation iPod Touch. What about the other users? Apple invited them, although not clearly, to renew their terminals.

The “Raise to Wake” function automatically activates the screen when you lift the iPhone to allow the user to view all notifications at a glance from the lock screen. In addition, notifications, the Today view and the Control Centre can be opened by simply touching or sliding your finger, while integration with the 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offers more possibilities for interaction with the apps. It is the time of “widgets”.

Apple will renew the messaging app to compete against WhatsApp. It is more expressive and dynamic which takes into account the role of emojis. The Tapback function to respond easily with a single touch, and the ability to add rich content to view and play media files without leaving the conversation.

Apple’s virtual assistant goes further. Siri is known for being an artificial intelligence itself. Now it is able to integrate into applications because the company has decided to open to developers. Sirikit helps professionals integrate their “apps” with Siri to send messages, make calls, browse photos, book trips, make payments, designing workouts or control “apps” on carplay, like adjust the air conditioning or radio station.

iOS 10, the new version of Maps is visually more appealing and easier to use. With access to developers through new extensions like OpenTable which can integrate their functions to maps and services like Uber and Lyft to allow users to book a trip without leaving the app.

The new version of Maps is even smarter, with the addition of a new technology that predicts the next destination and provides driving directions depending on their routines or calendar appointments. And once planned, Maps will search along the way places like petrol stations, restaurants or pubs and calculates how they can influence the stops on the overall journey.

Nowadays we live by and for pictures, either in the form of photography or video. In iOS 10 our photos are automatically grouped all those moments captured thanks to the “Memories” function, which analyses all the photos and videos in search of moments, travel and favourites. It also includes a video memory automatically edited with music, titles and transitions in a cinematic style.

Smart home
The Home application allows you to configure, manage and control home systems: up shutters, garage door open …. The accessories can be controlled individually or grouped into scenes, to give orders with a single command and through Siri. They can be managed remotely or automated with Apple TV, as well as by automatic triggers set by time, place or action.

Apple Music
Apple Music comes with a new design and has been equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. Apple had to make a move because it has 15 million paying users. The Library, For you, Navigation and Radio sections have been redesigned to help users position their music better, while a search option makes it easier to find music.

This is the new iOS application, organised in different sections that make finding news, show notifications for breaking news and of cousre a paid subscriptions section.

Cupertino said they have 60 million active users each month that visit Apple News. They need to expand content and reach, subscriptions.

Security and privacy are two of the pillars of the hardware design, software and services that Apple offer. Federighi said that the new iOS 10 includes encryption end-to-end in their applications. “We do not compromise the profiles of our users,” he recalled.

iMessage, FaceTime and HomeKit apply for a full data encryption, so that neither Apple nor anyone else can read. iOS 10 uses smart technology devices to identify people, objects and scenes in photos and to give suggestions in QuickType. Services like Siri, Maps and News send data to Apple’s servers, but the data is not used to develop user profiles.

iOS 10 will start using the “Differential Privacy” technology, which helps detect patterns of use of a large number of users without invading their privacy.


Google incorporates its translator to WhatsApp

“Touch to” can translate on real time without having to exit WhatsApp for Android users.


Google has incorporated it’s translator to the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. Therefore and quite oviously, the ability to translate these messages is only one option available for devices running Android.

Before, translating a phrase or a conversation on WhatsApp was complicated. The user had to copy the text, go to Google Translator online, paste the text, translate it and then understand the conversation. To answer, the process was the same but in reverse.

Mountain View, therefore, have decided to simplify this process so that the user can access the translator from the application so the process is immediate. Of course, for this, the Google application on your device must be installed.

Any user of WhatsApp, as explained by Google, can select the text they want to translate on the conversation as if they were to copy the text and the new icon of “Touch Translate” will be displayed on the top right side of the screen.

Google’s new feature saves time. It even lets you hear the audio translation, in order to know how to pronounce the word or phrase, and allows also translate without internet connection!

Mark Zuckerberg, the “king” in the application market.

The CEO of Facebook dominates the world thanks to the “apps” WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and his own social network. All of them are the most downloaded in the world, followed by Snapchat.


Apple has already announced that next autumn they will change its strategy in the App Store. Numerous rumours suggest that Google will also carry out changes in the rules of the Play Store. It’s time to reinvent the smartphone App industry.

In the case of applications, the star player is well known: Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook is by far the king of downloads. As reported by “Business Insider” Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were the most downloaded apps of May in total, they staged 62% of downloads, according to data analysis firm Sensor Tower:


In fact, Sensor Tower came to the conclusion for the first quarter of 2016 on how Facebook has a dominant role. And its leading position not only in the US but worldwide. The study indicates that WhatsApp was the most downloaded in the world (more than 125 million downloads), followed by Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.


It is clear, therefore, that Mark Zuckerberg has no competition. Not even Google is, if necessary, a direct rival. In any case, it would be Snapchat. The popular application of external messaging has already surpassed Twitter in number of users and its growth continues.

On the other hand, the application market is marked by only two operating systems: iOS and Android…Or what is the same: Apple and Google. Both, according to the report, numbers of downloads grew over the first quarter last year. Separately, the App Store has grown by 13% while the Play Store has grown by 6.7%.


While it is true that the market for application downloads continues to grow, it’s doing it slowly. And besides, it is dominated by large companies. Where are the small developers?

“The rise of mobile applications began in July 2008, when Apple introduced the App Store. Now it is over, says Recode after echoing another study: last May, 15 of the best application “small” publishers saw their downloads go down an average of 20% in the US, according to research by Nomura, which is based on data provided by SensorTower.


However, this slow growth makes Uber and Snapchat take the impact in the opposite way and make the number of downloads considerably higher compared to 2015:


Facebook to stop chat from mobile web.

The social network seeks to grow the number of users of the messaging application and to do so, they will remove the chat service for mobile browser version.

fb messenger

We saw it coming since the social network announced the inability to use the version for browsers, but failed to consolidate. Facebook wants to strengthen its Messenger instantant application, with which paradoxically competes with its “friend” WhatsApp.

According to the latest leaks that run through the internet, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg will force users, as stated two years ago when it was developed, to download the Messenger application to chat with Facebook contacts.

A movement, on the other hand, understandable view to expand the number of users of this application, with around 900 million users worldwide… one hundred less than WhatsApp. Since the launching of Facebook Messenger, the generic messging app stopped allowing the exchange of messages.

This impossibility is, so far, applied to the mobile version based on the Android operating system, the highest penetration in the world. Users are starting to receive a warning that the Messenger application will open automatically.

WhatsApp will have 72 new “emojis”

They will be available from the 21st of June for Android (Google), Apple and Microsoft.

Credit: Emojipedia

Credit: Emojipedia


On the 21st of June, WhatsApp users can improve their communication with new emoticons or emojis. Those who are pregnant, for example, no longer have to type it out to let everyone know. Now it will be enough to put in your group of friends the new “emoji” of the pregnant woman. But what if there is a liar in that group of friends? Sure will get called out with Pinocchio’s nose, the other “emoji” you can enjoy this summer.

The black heart, bat, crossing fingers, a handshake or an spanish paella are just some of the innovations to be launched with the new Unicode 9.0. The fan favourite seems to be the expected and highly acclaimed AVOCADO!!

Of course, there will be some action emojis like the “selfie” one.

The Unicode Consortium, the company responsible for implementing all about the “emoji” fever has stated that although the date of approval for the Unicode 9.0 is on the 21ts, it does not mean that users can use the new emoticons the same day. It actually means that from that day Apple, Google and Microsoft are already able to start including these new features for the users to start enjoying.

It was late 2015 when the candidates were announced to be launched this month. Then, it was known that the “selfie”, the pregnant woman or the (late night) kebab, which is also included, could have their own representations.