The iPhone has become one of the most important and most successful products in history

Apple confirms that the iPhone has just passed the mark of one billion sold worldwide


The CEO of technology giant Apple, Tim Cook, said Thursday that the company has already passed the one billion mark of iPhones sold worldwide since the release of the smartphone in 2007.

“The iPhone has become one of the most important and most successful products in history. It is now more than a constant companion” Cook said in a statement. The company said it was last week when iPhone saw the one billion sells, which is given after less than ten years of the product in the consumer electronics market.

The announcement of the milestone reached by Apple comes shortly after the seventh version of this iconic smartphone, the iPhone 7 (if maintained the tradition), which changed the way to surf the Internet, to communicate and consume software it is present or online services. “iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily lives and provides much of what we do during our day,” Cook said.

Only the appearance, rapid and massive acceptance of the iPhone is behind the dramatic transition from Apple to the world the most valued company in any industry, including oil, traditionally based in record numbers of benefits. Alphabet (parent company of Google and creator of the Android operating system) is the only one that lives up with the Apple capitalisation, and is the strongest competitor of the multinational founded by Steve Jobs.

However, the historical progression of the iPhone seems to be suffering and the publication of results from April to June revealed the second consecutive quarterly drop in sales of these devices.