The Spam King sentenced to 30 months in prison

The creator of a message sent containing a link to click and referred to another web focused in getting appropriate access credentials of the accounts of the social network.


Sanford Wallac, the self-styled King of Spam, was sentenced on Monday to a two and a half years in prison in the US after he was convicted on charges of fraud by sending mass spam on Facebook, which compromised user accounts.

Wallace held a massive spam campaign between November 2008 and March 2009, which came to send up to 27 million messages through Facebook’s servers, as you can read on the website of the Department of Justice.

The message sent containing a link to click on it referred to another web, getting appropriate access credentials of Facebook accounts. He came to expose almost 500,000 accounts which also gave him the opportunity to extend the spam campaign.

Wallace pleaded guilty in August 2015. Then, prosecutors asked for a sentence of 36 months imprisonment, “underscore the importance of the seriousness of their actions and deterred from engaging in similar conduct again.” In the end, he has been sentenced to 30 months and must pay $310,629 in restitution.

The King of Spam was not new in sending spam in 2008. Earlier, in 1991, he had done the same by fax, and has been sued several times by companies like Facebook, AOL and MySpace, as explained Engadget .