Vodafone are not good at keeping secrets – Is there a new Galaxy S Edge?

Earlier this month, there were rumours that Samsung would be releasing a new phone to it’s ‘Edge’ collection, the Galaxy S Edge.


The Galaxy Note Edge was released earlier this year and there’s also talk that Samsung will launch a version of the Galaxy S6 with similar “second screen” functionality on both vertical edges of the device.


Samsung referred to the Note Edge as a limited edition concept device as the company was only experimenting with the curved edge and was not planning to sell the Note Edge as one of it’s principle devices.


On Monday, evidence of the Galaxy S Edge popped up in the code on the Vodafone’s Dutch website. Apparently, there is a Galaxy S6 placeholders page and the code of this page also mention a pre-order form for the S Edge. Sadly, no other information is given in this code or on the page itself. It looks like we’re going to have to sit back and wait for a while until more news is released – or even more information given in the code of the website.


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