WhatsApp will have 72 new “emojis”

They will be available from the 21st of June for Android (Google), Apple and Microsoft.

Credit: Emojipedia

Credit: Emojipedia


On the 21st of June, WhatsApp users can improve their communication with new emoticons or emojis. Those who are pregnant, for example, no longer have to type it out to let everyone know. Now it will be enough to put in your group of friends the new “emoji” of the pregnant woman. But what if there is a liar in that group of friends? Sure will get called out with Pinocchio’s nose, the other “emoji” you can enjoy this summer.

The black heart, bat, crossing fingers, a handshake or an spanish paella are just some of the innovations to be launched with the new Unicode 9.0. The fan favourite seems to be the expected and highly acclaimed AVOCADO!!

Of course, there will be some action emojis like the “selfie” one.

The Unicode Consortium, the company responsible for implementing all about the “emoji” fever has stated that although the date of approval for the Unicode 9.0 is on the 21ts, it does not mean that users can use the new emoticons the same day. It actually means that from that day Apple, Google and Microsoft are already able to start including these new features for the users to start enjoying.

It was late 2015 when the candidates were announced to be launched this month. Then, it was known that the “selfie”, the pregnant woman or the (late night) kebab, which is also included, could have their own representations.