YouTube to allow live stream video

YouTube will allow live video broadcast. The popular video service of Google will allow users the benefits of live broadcasts, making an addition in the catalogue in which already compete platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live or Twitch. The quintessential video platform, YouTube, has embraced the new trend of live video broadcast, but also has been incorporated into Facebook with your Facebook Live. The option to broadcast videos streaming on YouTube is a native function that does not require anything more than the application.  The videos will be identical to the rest of the content posted on the website. They can be found through the search service portal or seen on the recommendations of each user.


Google doesn’t want to stay behind and wants to make iOS and Android users download the YouTube app. Specially not to let the competition with Periscope Twitter, Facebook or Twitch Live video gain ground. Its operation is simple: just select the specific function, adjust the settings and start recording and broadcast. These videos will have the same format as other content on Youtube, and also will access them using the search engine or see the recommendations of each user. YouTube will activate this feature gradually, giving priority to the most popular video platform users. Some of them mostly Youtubers like The Young Turks, already have the service available. Other users will get in over time. “We believe this will provide an entirely new feature, more intimate and spontaneous to share experiences with the communities,” concludes YouTube on their blog.